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Welcome to The Weekly & Welcome to 2022!

Welcome! I have had several new subscribers in the past few weeks and I wanted to take a moment to welcome you all. This blog space is intended to share a weekly channelled message for those following but, occasionally, I may feel compelled to share some other messages and I feel that today, this morning, is one of those times.

If you are new, I wanted to introduce myself and share my work. Currently, I work with a wide variety of healing modalities- all designed, studied and mastered to help myself and my clients find healing. Healing can only come when our self-love is greater that any malady, pain, past-hurt or disease. Self-love is the key to discovering your greatest purpose, your divine mission and your healthiest, best self.

The problem with this idea is that so many humans can succeed all they want in life, in business, in finances but if they fail at loving and honoring the path of the soul and the soul itself, ultimately, they cannot reach ascension and divine healing.

Can you take a moment and look yourself in the eyes? Find a mirror and look deeply into your own eyes. Feel love for yourself. Actually tell yourself, out loud, that you love yourself. "Lisa, I really, really love you." This can be one of the most difficult and rewarding acts while upon the planet...

Whether you need help with holistic nutrition and disease or intuitive healing, energy work through healing touch therapy or help with adding yoga and guided meditation to your daily life, you are in the right space. I encourage you to decide how you can further love yourself this year. Do not set resolutions to lose weight or to work out more, to eat cleaner or be a nicer person until you FIRST set the goal to love yourself more. When you LOVE YOURSELF, all of these other "goals" can fall easily into place.

For this reason, I have been guided to NOT create a vision board right now! NOT sit down and make a list of items that I wish to create in this new year. I have been guided to spend January learning, relearning and focusing on loving myself more. Fully. Compassionately. For if I truly love myself, I will only want to feed my body clean and nutritious foods. I will WANT to move my body and feel grounded and present. I will DESIRE to heal from my past and from illness and from all that keeps me from moving forward on my divine path. You see, it all begins with SELF LOVE. Maybe it sounds self-centered or selfish but I am willing to follow this bit of guidance to the max.

I am going to be spending January going inward like the animals who hibernate in the winter. It is my goal to awaken in February refreshed and recalibrated. I have no idea what this year will hold and here's the thing- I DON"T HAVE TO KNOW. This is where faith enters life. We know we are guided. We know we are surrounded in the white light of All That Is. We know we are on this Divine Mission. All we must do is believe and trust that our movements and thoughts are guided by Spirit. Believe and Trust.

If you are in need of assistance, I encourage you to reach out. I encourage to become present. Stop. Ask yourself "If I really, really loved myself, what would I do right now?". Place your dominate hand on your heart, ask that question and simply wait for the answer.... Your soul knows exactly what you require right now at this point on your journey. Trust the answer.

I would like to share a part of a guided card reading that I sent to a client this morning as I feel it shares this same message:

"Love, like light, is experienced in many different ways, some obvious and some so subtle that we an only sense it if we quiet our minds and pay very close attention. The message of Emerald Spirit is to open to love in all its array of colors and to become a channel for its healing powers.

You are always capable of tuning in to “Radio Love”, so today find the frequency so that you might experience and channel love. Aspire to love your neighbor as you love yourself, recognizing that love must begin with you as you connect to the Conscious Universe, the source of all love. Channelling love nourishes you as you experience how its healing power dissolves the darkness. You are a love beacon today. Can you feel it?

Love is meant to flow through you from within and without, cleansing your energy field so that you can feel your soul’s worth and know that you are always loved. Love may not be coming to you right now in the form you prefer, but don’t overlook its presence. Express love toward yourself and others- remember, loving your neighbor means starting at home with self-love! Now is the time to set aside the obstacles that block you from receiving, experiencing, and expressing love, and simply be the love you want to see in the world and in your life. Trust that when you open to love, loving partnerships are possible to help you heal the old wounds."

I hope this message of self love resonates with you. Know that I am sending you so much love for a beautiful January and tune back in on Wednesday for the next post of The Weekly. Welcome to this space and welcome to 2022!

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