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The Weekly 24/4/2024

Welcome to The Weekly and I am so glad you stopped by! It is always a pleasure to sit in this space with you every week. No matter what the topic, I hope it changes you for the better.

I am not an astrologer. Nor do I fully comprehend planetary movements or the changes in the sky. However, I do FULLY know that these situations can create definitive change in and around our lives. Are you feeling it as well? It's almost like we are spinning and shifting without fully comprehending the destination. To this I say, LET"S GO!

Currently, I am doing my best to stay in a surrendered state of simply allowing and being present. It seems to help alleviate some of the tension resulting from these planetary shiftings and astrological events. However you are handling these trying days, I hope you are feeling settled and surrendered! Let's see what the guides bring through today...


April 24, 2024

We welcome you in today and always. There is always plenty to discuss and plenty to bring forward. Today, we would like to discuss your inner knowing. Yes, your intuition. It is available within you. It does operate and function properly. You are meant and designed to call upon your inner knowing often throughout each day. And, lastly, many of you have forgotten that this is one of your greatest gifts. A super power, if you will.

How often do you stop and think...if only there was some magic book that had all of the answers?!? The truth is that the "magic book" is your very own intuition. You do have so much information available to you at all times but you have forgotten how to tap into it. You see, when you arrive on planet Earth, so much of what you know has been wiped clean. Why? Because this is the challenge that you accepted when you allowed yourself to reincarnate onto Earth again.

Deep within you lies a wealth of knowledge. Your inner knowing or your intuition is designed to guide you and to help you along this path. That gut feeling you have when you know something isn't right? Intuition. That nagging sensation that you have forgotten something really important? Intuition. Inner knowing. That sense that you need to back away from someone or leave a room? Inner knowing at it's finest.

Why then, do you ask for a magic book with answers when you already contain so much magical knowing already inside of you? Today, we are inviting you to return to that which you know. We ask that you do your absolute best to wake yourself up into a state of remembering so that you can be fully awake with your divine talents and gifts. We want you remembering and bearing witness to your inner most knowing!

Start small. Begin with not-so-important questions. Place your dominant hand upon your heart and out loud ask your question. "Which route is best for me to take to work this morning?" Then, do absolutely nothing except be open to your body's response. Some people may hear a soft whisper while others may get "that feeling". Others immediately see a sign or route lay out like a map in their third eye. Others will simply hop in the car knowing which way they will go. And, last, there will be those who get in the car and have no idea which way they will go until they are making turns on the streets. Intuition works in many ways, our dearest friends.

The more you push yourselves to follow your own inner guidance, the more your inner guidance can simply do it's job and lead. Are you allowing yourself to be led? Are you utilizing all of the gifts and help that is available to you? We certainly hope so! Today, we invite you to remember, to come back again and again to your intuition, to that inner knowing. Allow it to serve you and learn from it. And, so it is.


Sending you many blessings and great love for a beautiful week ahead! If you are interested in scheduling an Intuitive Healing Session or working with me in some way, you can reach out via the Contact Page on the site or email me at

Lisa xo


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