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The Weekly 12/24/2023

Welcome to The Weekly and welcome to Christmas Eve! I hope that where ever you are on the planet, you feel healthy, happy and safe.

The holidays can be a mixed bad when it comes to our emotional set points but I believe that we create our days. Given that line of thinking, we are all in control of how we enter and exit certain seasons and times of the year. Today's message is coming through for some very specific readers, so if this message feels like it hits home, so be it.

Happy holidays and enjoy~



Welcome, dearest ones!

Today, we bring you a clear message. One that has been being transmitted and transmuted for centuries. One that also has been lost again and again. We are hopeful that those who are ready to receive will do so in the lightest of manners, with open and healed hearts.

Knowing who you are and what you are here upon planet Earth to do and to be is why you are being called to witness today's message. You are here today for love. For kindness. For compassion. If you are not experiencing these emotional frequencies often, then, today, we are calling you to begin the recalibration process.

January 1 is the beginning. A new day. A new year. Upon the stroke of midnight, you will be entering into a new frequency that continuously calls for love in its most abundant state. You will be struck by the magnitude of this call. People everywhere will awaken to a new vibrational frequency and love will abound.

You may be asking how we know this? To this question we shall respond that we are orchestrating it ourselves. We have become weary watching and witnessing your planet in its forgetfulness of the main basis of planetary alignment. Each of you is called to divine love with a force that can be difficult to ignore. If you find yourself in a situation of choice, we will gently remind you or wholeheartedly shove you into remembrance. We are no longer patience for the natives to awaken to the call to love, God's love that is.

This may sound a bit abrupt to some of you reading but we are here to remind you that love, kindness and compassion for others are the essential teachings of Christ. Of the Marys. Of the Essenes. Of all of those who have come to the planet from the God Source to make a difference upon your planet. The Buddha taught love, surrender and acceptance. The disciples of Christ taught love others as yourself. Again and again, master teachers have come onto the planet to share the message of the Source of Light and again and again, we witness disaster as love fails to be the fueling emotion.

How difficult is it to treat another as you wish to be treated? Why is this single concept falling upon deaf ears on this planet of great abundance? Alas, we do know our own answer to this question. Planet Earth is designed to be a teaching space for all who choose to enter it. Humans are designed to forget the teachings of Spirit's great love and must find a way to return to it while having had the memories of it completely erased upon arrival or birth. We want to assist in the waking up of this planet so that LOVE can begin to rule once again.

This message is designed to warn. It is meant to awaken a curiosity. We believe that your planet needs a re-remembering of sorts. LOVE is the answer to all questions. Love is the answer to anxiety~ love and honor the self and the needs of the self. Love is the answer to strife~ give to others as you would give to yourself. Love is the answer to poverty and hunger~ share with others as you would wish them to share with you if you were in need. Love is the answer to war~ Treat others with the respect and compassion that you yourself would like to receive in a state of conflict. Love is the answer to divide~ know that all are of the same living God so there is no separation. LOVE IS THE ANSWER TO ALL.

We close this transmission with the reminder that upon awakening on January 1 where ever you are upon planet Earth, we hope that you will move forward in love, in kindness and in compassion. This is all that is truly being asked of you. LOVE ALL. Anything else on your "to-do" list is man made or self-created. Once you are done and complete loving all and expressing kindness and compassion THEN move forward with your to-do list. You will probably discover that there is little left to do that truly matters.

We are sending you many blessings and great love as you celebrate the birth of the Christ and prepare to close another chapter of earthly cycles in man made time.


If you are interested in working with me or setting up private sessions, feel free to email me:

As of January 1, all sessions will be remote and held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Session times will be limited but I will be opening up a Sunday Recharge group that will be meeting twice a month. If you would like more information on this, please make sure that you are receiving my periodic newsletters. A end of the year wrap-up newsletter will be coming out in the next week about the Sunday Recharge. I hope you'll join us!

Happy Holidays and much love,

L. xo


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