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Lisa works with individuals, families and small groups of students who are interested in learning more about meditation. Children can easily learn to ground themselves and "sit" in quiet and peace with the correct tools for short periods of time.


Guided meditations work well with many kids and can lead to greater confidence and mastery of their emotions.


As a certified holistic nutritionist, Lisa works with parents and families to develop a personalized eating plan that can provide the optimal nutrition for the growing and changing bodies of children.

By cooking at home and learning about the OWN program, families are eating meals loaded with nutrients and vitamins thus, feeling healthier, experiencing fewer colds and illnesses and living more energetic lives.


Children who add yoga to their daily activity are often more flexible, calm and focused throughout their day.

As a yoga instructor, Lisa sees children gain confidence and greater control of their bodies as well as develop muscle coordination and concentration with a weekly practice. Movement is a vital part of growth and development for children as well as a great immune system booster!


Teaching her program "Kids in the Kitchen" is one of Lisa's favorite workshops! Studies have shown that kids who learn to create their own meals and can take ownership in the kitchen are much more adventurous eaters; therefore, consuming a healthier diet and suffering less illness.


These courses teach knife skills, kitchen safety, basic cooking and baking techniques as well as nutrition and healthy eating. Kids LOVE it! 

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