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Holistic Nutrition Consulting

What a body consumes matters! If you grew up eating processed foods and drive-through take-out, you are not alone! But, recent research is proving again and again that getting back to the basics in the kitchen is a sure way to come back to health and wellness.

Lisa works with clients all around the planet who are trying to get back to nutritious foods and healthy eating. She understands that changing lifelong habits is a process and works with each client to discover unique ways to enhance the diet and maintain wellness through nutrition~ NOT dieting, but finding a new way to cook, serve food, plan meals and enjoy eating "real" food.

Throughout her holistic nutrition studies, Lisa was fascinated to learn the different effects of food upon the body. She was even more interested to learn techniques to encourage the body to heal by simply changing the food that is consumed.

If you are interested in working with Lisa to improve your health, promote your longevity and extinguish dis-ease from the body, there is no better time than today. Lisa offers a variety of services and client options so that individual needs can be met and health regained!

  • Nutritional Consultations

  • Meal Planning Assistance

  • Grocery Store Tours

  • Pantry Clean-outs

  • Cooking Classes

  • Smoothie Making Workshops

  • Vegetarian/Vegan Meal Coordination

  • Creative Cooking Workshops

  • Ethnic Food Explorations

  • Cooking From Scratch Demonstrations

  • Kids in the Kitchen Classes

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