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Wellness Modalities


Lisa believes that each soul on the planet discovers the exact information at exactly the right moment in time! There is no coincidence that you are reading this on this day, at this time. Lisa believes that what you are seeking is also seeking you~ thus, you have found a method of healing at precisely the right time.

Lisa has been trained in a wide variety of healing methods and modalities so, her work with clients encompasses all of them in some fashion:


Working with Lisa is a commitment that is not for the faint of heart! She encourages her clients to dive deep, tune in, step up, commit and heal. You will grow, evolve, cry, expand, learn, cry some more and eventually, heal if you decide to do so. 

Through the years, Lisa has made it her mission to study as many healing modalities as possible. When she first began studying wellness after many years of teaching music, food and nutrition were her first course of study. During that time, she was also trying to heal her own body from mold poisoning and thus, many healing modalities presented themselves for her own healing. Soon after, she began studying energy healing along with learning about the Akashic Records and her client connections flourished.

Healing, health and wellness can come from a variety of sources and when clients book a session with Lisa, she brings ALL available modalities into the session. Some information may come in the form of divine guidance from the Akashic Records while other information may be from Lisa's previous forms of study. However the information presents, you can be assured that it is exactly what you are seeking in this present now moment.
Many Blessings and feel free to use the pull-down menu on this page to explore the different healing modalities~

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