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The Weekly 1/10/2024

Welcome to The Weekly and I am so happy that you have arrived here! Each Wednesday, I offer a brief channeled message in the hope that it will resonate with you and change you in some way for the better.

Our thinking is fluid. Our beliefs are internal. Our knowing comes from sources beyond our comprehension. What can we do with all of this? We can choose faith over fear and love over all else. I thank you for joining me on this ride called life.



Thank you for coming to this space today. Today's message will be like no other and we know that you are prepared for it or you would not be in attendance. Again, we thank you for your attendance in this space today.

In times of old, the beliefs of a human were the only item that was non-negotiable. The beliefs and the moral compass were that which defined a human being. Today, this seems like a rite of the old ways. We are inviting you to once again step into your beliefs and your moral compass and use these items as markers for your life.

What do we mean by this? We shall explain. We invite you to choose friends with like-minded belief systems. We invite you to leave groups or gatherings which do not align with your thoughts, beliefs or ideals. We encourage you to seek out those who have the same understanding and moral compass as you.

This does not mean that you condemn those who differ. Only love them more but do not form lasting accords or friendships with those who are unable to see or witness the wisdom with which you move through life. There is a call out to this universe to align yourself with the highest possible vibration. This means love and kindness and compassion in your words, your thoughts and your deeds.

This also means that those who gossip or fail to lift themselves up are not those with whom you should surround yourself. The people around you matter! The beliefs and the underlying energies of those around you matter. A lot. You are being called to analyze this deeply and quickly.

Today, we are inviting you to look around you. We ask that you analyze those beings with whom you spend time. Do they vibrate their frequency in such as way as to leave you feeling uplifted? Or, do you feel depleted after a conversation with them? Do they make you want to be your best self or do you feel yourself being pulled into the mire so as to meet them at their low level? These are questions that only you can ask of yourself.

We are not encouraging separateness but only caution and awareness. Do you understand? All of humanity is one. All born from the same source. The God of All That Is. It is the individual choices of the human that can then create this divide which stems from beliefs of good/bad, positive/negative and so on.

This is the call out to humanity to arise. To awaken. To seek that which is seeking you. To find your place among those who share your understanding. To arise to you own highest alignment. To master the frequency with which you vibrate. YOU and only you are here in this space on this specific reading for this unique learning. We invite you to vibrate high and seek your wisdom in all things. And, so it is.


Thank you so much for coming to this space and reading this message. I hope that it resonates and changes you for the better. I have a new offering coming in February and I sincerely hope you will join us! There will be a newsletter coming out next week with the details.

If you are interested in scheduling a private session time, you can use the email or use the Contact Page on my website. All is well and exactly as it is meant to be. Much love, L. xo


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