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The Weekly~ 24 March, 2024

Welcome and I am so glad that you are here with me at The Weekly! Currently, my site, podcast and this channeled message blog are in the process of a much-needed upgrade! The logos will change and the messages may transform but the ideas remain the same.

Each week through this blog and through my podcast, I will be offering a weekly message with the hope that it resonates and changes you in some way for the better!

This gorgeous Sunday morning, I am sitting with the idea of the NOW moment and this short message came through. I hope it offers your heart some clarity...

24 March, 2024

It is a necessity to know and fully understand that there is no beginning, middle or end. All things are infinite. They continue ad infinitum. Relationships. Ideas. Manifestations. No beginnings. No middles. No endings. This exemplifies the idea that there is truly no past, present or future. There exists only the now. This moment. Now. Today and today is not even this morning or this evening but this exact moment.

When a human being can let go, truly release from, any idea of time and sink into the now, then all perspectives can gain clarity or become clear. In the now, you are healthy, happy and whole if this is how you choose to see yourself in this now moment. When your brain can sink into that information, illnesses of the past disappear and your body takes on the state of your current mind. Our minds are powerful indicators of our present reality because our present reality is created in the current mind state.

In other words, you do control your body, your health, your happiness quotient, your state of well or ill being through your thoughts. What is it in this present moment that you are choosing to think? How are your thoughts propelling you forward? How is your mind deciding your feelings? Choose wisely because it all depends on the choice. The choosing. Yes?

We leave you with this idea of NOW in the hopes that it will create the worth while sensation of a healthy pause in your thoughts today that will enable you to stop, choose your thoughts and then, recalibrate your future or even the next hour into a space a ease and peace.

Sending you love for a beautiful now moment,

L. xo


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