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The Weekly 06-26-2024

Happy Wednesday and welcome to The Weekly! I hope this email finds you healthy, happy and whole. I have been on a bit of a hiatus as I have had some major shifts occuring in my life and I thank you for returning to this space even after my absence.

Currently, I am still in the South of France and plan to remain here. I feel as if I have come home and that is the absolute best feeling for me! However, my husband and I have decided to separate after 23 years of marriage and some of the shifts have not been easy waves to ride. Today, I am calibrated and, once again, rising and showing up for myself, my sons and my clients and that feels like a gift.

Isn't it funny how major life transitions shift us in ways we could never imagine shifting? Shifting (evolving) is never a simple process but I am here to remind you that you called in the shift! You requested a life of growth and expansion and learning just as I did for myself.

Below are my daily reminders. Maybe they will assist you as well~

*Be present.

*Feel into each emotional wave and offer myself grace.

*Allow Spirit to speak loudly and clearly and act accordingly.

*Remind myself that my life is ALWAYS happening for me.

*Treat ALL people with loving kindness and compassion.

If you are currently experiencing a major life change, get still. Ease yourself into your new normal while continuously reminding yourelf that you are not alone. You are guided and held and loved by so many humans and spirits that surround you daily. You only need to remember that you have help for that help to step in and be of service to you.

Thank you for being here! Now, let's see what the guides have to offer us today~

June 26, 2024

Welcome, dearest ones, to this space of continual evolution. You are not alone in your seeking and your understanding. You are called here to receive this most important transition. The message lies within you. By going inward to accept this message, you are opening yourself up fully to the Divine transmissions that will continue to come forward.

We believe that Earth is currently hanging in a quite precarious space. Earthlings (humans) are waking daily to new truths, to new understandings. AND, the more that awaken, the less who shall be left behind. By awakening, we refer to new understanding. Reallizing that this planet operates within the confines of a matrix that was put in place many, many years ago. This matrix benefits only those at the top and not at all those at the bottom. Where are you in this matrix?

Today, we invite you to look around you and realize that all that surrounds you is good. All that surrounds you is God. All that surrounds you is understanding, comprehension. However, all that surrounds you is also connected to this matrix and it is now your responsibility to awaken yourself to the truths that have existed here upon the planet since BEFORE the matrix came into being. This matrix was not always operating upon your planet. Can you remember back that far?

Today, we are asking that you return to your most, highest self. The highest version of your capacity. The most evolved operation state. For it is within this space, that you will have eyes to see and ears to hear. Nothing, we repeat nothing, is outside of your knowing. How to heal? That knowledge is within you. How to become the most knowing version of yourself? Also within you. How to escape this matrix and step into the field of unconditional love that is offered to us by our own internal divinity? This knowledge is within you. There is nothing that you cannot access when you learn to go within. To discover or re-discover that "godness" within yourself.

We feel that this bears repeating. The more humans who can access the divinity within themselves, the easier this planet will transition into the space of unconditional love which it was always designed to be. Earth was never meant to be difficult. Life was never meant to be hard. The ALL designed heaven to be right here on earth for us. We can step into this easeful step on Earth simply by knowing and believing these truths. Yes, you set up your challenges but only so that you could work through them and locate the God within. Go inward, dear ones. Find divinity deep within you and your longing for "more" will cease.

Know all of this in your being. Look forward with trusting vision. YOU are called to be here now, to witness this waking up, to experience the shifting vibrational frequencies that are occuring right now on your planet. With this we leave you. And, so it is.

Thank you so much for sharing this space with me! I see you and I appreciate you~

If you are interested in scheduling with me, please visit the website and utilize the Contact Page.


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