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The Weekly~ 17 April, 2024

Hello and Welcome to The Weekly! No matter where you are on the planet, I hope you are healthy, happy and whole. And, thank you so much for hopping on here and giving this brief message a look.

We are all on a journey and sometimes, that journey can feel very linear while other times, it twists and turns creating back tracking and entanglements that we could not have imagined!! Whether you are in an easy coasting spot or you are feeling the extreme squeeze of transformation, I hope something in this reading resonates with you and changes you for the better!

For me, these channeled messages are always spot on because my energy field connects outward and links to the Divine Wisdom that is available to each of us. It is in this way that we link up with the information that is most needed for our own transformation. Have you ever come across a piece of information that feels like exactly what you need in the moment? Even if you weren't actively searching for it? That, my friends, is YOUR energetic force field bringing you exactly what you need or require in each moment. The signs (the answers) surround us. We only have to open to what surrounds us to engage the information. Let's see what they are offering us today~


Good morning and welcome. We are offering you peace today. Peace is simply the knowing that you are surrounded, cared for, guided and protected. Peace can also come in the knowing that you are absolutely not alone.

For many humans, they carry with them a constant longing to be with others. To be secure in the knowing that they "have people" or friends or a support system. We are here to remind you that your truest support system lies in the spiritual realm. For you are constantly surrounded and supported by your team of helpful agents on the other side of the Earth realm.

For centuries, those upon your planet have been seeking. For light. For love. For connection. For Divine union. The simple truth remains that all humans need is within them. They only need to look at their own highest knowing for the answers they seek and at the connection to the All for that feeling of safety and peace. All that is needed is within.

So, we are inviting you to feel into peace. What does that feel like? We believe that peace comes when the knowing of divine connection is realized. Peace is what occurs when a human can set aside their longing and simply be in their knowing. This is the mastery that so many are seeking and seemingly unable to find.

Peace is sitting in the now moment and feeling gratitude. Peace is the realization that all that is required of you as a human is to be. Peace is throwing away the to-do lists and being present. Peace is the realization that you have have help and support that is infallible and divine. Peace is the ability to surrender all that creates angst in your life and ask that your support team take it on for you. Peace = surrendering.

Peace comes from gradually or abruptly changing the current mindset from one of longing to releasing, from projecting to looking inward, to trying to do the work to simply allowing the work to unfold right in front of you.

We are here to remind you that there is nothing you have to do today or any day. You simply get to be in your present moment and experience this peace that Spirit wishes for you today and every day. Call in your support team. Ask them to carry what feels heavy or weighty to you. Then, simply take a look around and allow the miracles to unfold before your eyes.

This simple mindset shift will take you much further than any pushing, striving, goal oriented plan that you, yourself, can create. Seek your peace for it is seeking you every moment of each day. With that, we invite you to be peace, seek peace and allow peace in your days.


Dear ones, I hope this resonates and changes you in some way. Seek that peace and let me know how it feels to sink into it! Much love, L. xo

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