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The Weekly 3/29/2023

Welcome to The Weekly and thank you for finding me! I believe that we always get the information that we need at exactly the right moment in time. Nothing is coincidental! That said, I hope that today's message resonates with you and your being in some way and that you can find a way to allow it to change you, uplift you or make your day better...

This message was channeled through Divine Wisdom on Wednesday, March 29th, 2023 and I hope it impacts you and your life for the better!


Welcome, dear ones! We want you to understand that all upon your planet is ruled by Divine Love and compassion. Without these two qualities, nothing is possible and nothing is hopeful. YOU are the bearer of these instruments. We refer to love and compassion as instruments because it is through them that all is fueled and mandated. Without them, your planet will fail to thrive as other planets in the solar system/universe have.

Upon other planets, it is necessary to act solely within the confines of love. On your planet, many other facets of emotional complexity are at play. One must only turn on television news to see that there are many negative forces at work. Some of these programmings are reality while others are not but MOST are not born out of the true standard of love or loving nature.

This week, we are inviting all who are reading this and bearing witness to it, to seek out love, loving kindness and compassion. Go out of your way to think a kind thought. Choose the words of loving compassion at all times. Be in your own heart while bearing fruits of loving gentleness as much as is humanly possible for you. Remind yourself that love, loving kindness and compassion are the sole ways to conduct yourself if you are to be a witness of the Divine light which is flooding the planet. YOU are a reflection of the Divine and it is your responsibility to reflect as much light as you have within you. Failure to do so is failure.

We want all of humanity to come to the understanding that human beings have potential for so much more than they believe. Humans are created for love. You are reflections of love. Of divinity. And, it is this that you must bring forth upon your planet.

All of that said, today, we are inviting you to begin anew. Start fresh. Today, with each thought, word spoken, action, deed, we desire strongly that you ask yourself...

"How can I proceed in love with love?"

In asking this question, you are requiring your being to move forward in the correct fashion. You may falter but at least your intention is for the highest good of all involved. Ask yourself this question again and again and witness how your thoughts, actions and processes begin to change.

"How can I proceed in love with love?"

If you are reading this post, you are being called to act in light. Light meaning the highest quality of humanity. Light meaning the structures of well-being set forth by the Creator at the inception of this human experience. YOU are called to join the mission of spreading light and goodness and kindness and compassion throughout this Earth. This New Earth. This planet on which you reside that is designed for light and has fallen to dark. Your planet that is recovering from the beings who wished to destroy but the light has taken over once again.

Humanity is light. Under all of the layers of programming and conditioning, humans are basically good. We invite you to uncover that which you have kept hidden. Your talents. Your skills. Your desires. Your likes. Your passions. All that is created within you to be of service to humanity. UNCOVER IT and bear these things onto the planet. Light will prevail and it is your responsibility to be a part of this light. However you choose to move forward will be your karma for your next incarnation. If you fail to act, you will return again to the planet to act. If you choose light in action, you will move forward upon your soul's trajectory to complete the next levels of your perfection, your journey.

No longer will the dark be permitted to prevail upon your planet because YOU are here to witness the light. To shed light. To share light. When two or more are gathered in light, the dark cannot withstand. It will fall. Remember that you are called. Remember that you are chosen. Remember YOUR light and please shine as brightly as you possibly can for your role is not to bury your lamp. And, so it is.

**I want to thank you for reading today's message. I typed this sitting at my dining room table facing the bay window which looks out across the valley. As I finished the message, the sun came up over the ridge and wass practically blinding me. I believe Spirit was simply reminding me in full force that we are all light. Spirit is light. It is in the communion of the two, that we shall rise.

Have a beautiful week, L. xo

I actually stopped typing to take this photo because the light flooding in through the front window was blinding. It felt like a call from Spirit. A call to look up. To notice. To remember that we are all called to light. Thank you for being here in this space with me.


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