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The Weekly 12/8/21

Welcome to The Weekly! I am so glad you are here. The following message was offered to me on the morning of December 7th. I hope it means as much to you as it does to me. I believe that Earth and all of her humans need as much assistant as is available to us. If the message resonates, please feel free to share it or invite your friends to join us for The Weekly here on the site.

Channeled 12/7/2021

What is important to note is that there are many energies and many forces at play on your planet at this time, space, existence. There is truth and there is untruth. There is light. There is dark. There is duality. There is polarity. But, underneath, there is only truth, unconditional love, and compassion.

When forces come together and they do not balance, they repel each other. And, when they repeal each other, it is impossible for forces to come together in unity. Right now, there are so many visions and so many versions of what truth looks like and there is only one truth for each of you and that is your own intuitive, truth. Just the truth that you were born into and the truth that you will die with. Die meaning leave the physical body and return to the soul body. So, now, it is a choice. It is a choice for all of humanity to join the truth, to join the seekers, to join those who uphold truth, integrity, light, and humility or to join the dark forces whether that is by standing up in silence or by joining the dark side. By joining in physicality, by taking this jab, this injection, this vaccine, by following along with the coercion, by believing the mandates, by not believing the mandates and going along with them.

You are still making a statement in truth, in alignment or in misalignment. We know these are difficult times for you. We know that all that surrounds you is heartbreak, heart ache and pain, if you choose to see it. But, we also know that what is around you is joy and compassion and humility and excitement for the new world. The new earth is upon you. The time is now and it is rumbling beneath your feet. It is creating a cocoon around those who see light to keep them safe and to keep them protected. And, in this safety and in this protection, it offers them courage, light and the soul bravery to move forward to seek truth, to act on behalf of nature, Mother Gaia, the one truth, the One All, the universal life force. And, it is within you to seek truth or to ignore truth. To stand up or to back down.

It is within all of you and you are standing in the crossroads. You are standing in the moment of truth for yourself, for your children, for your future, for the future of our planet, for integrity, for Spirit. What is your choice, today, my friend? How do you wish to proceed with your head buried in the sand? Pretending that all will right itself in due time? Believing that you are truth and that you are a truth seeker, and that everything you say and do will create a ripple effect causing the water that was once still to begin to rock, to sway, the waves to form, the bubbles underneath the earth to begin to boil. You have choices. Do not allow your powerlessness to get a hold of you. Do not sit and feel as if you are a victim.

Stand up for somehting. Stand for light and deal with the beauty that will unfold. Stand for dark and brace yourself for what will come. You can't not stand, for in that standing you are making a choice for dark and therein lies the key to fortitude, to your strength, to your courage and to your bravery. There is nothing that you feel on an emotional level that will not be in alignment because fear was put there by the dark side. Truth and knowledge is the light side. It is the light speaking to you through your own intuition, through God Source energy and it is that light through which you can be called to act.

Great leaders throughout all of the centuries have been called by the Divine light. Light is power. Light is information. Light is not of the dark. How are you being called? What are your virtues? What is your worth? What is your value? It all lies within the heart of your soul. In your soul’s knowing. This is your intuition leading you, pushing you, pulling you. And, you can’t act until you follow the hits of your intuition.

We are from Pleiades. We see all that is occurring on your planet. We witness it. We acknowledge it. We see it as a change, a force in motion and you must be called now, to rise up in action either for or against. Either lightness of darkness. What you cannot do is be stagnant and stand still and refuse to fight, refuse to choose a side. Because in doing so, you are choosing dark. It is tough. We feel your anxiety, we feel your struggle. We know that you are being called to rise. We also know that you are fearful. Some of you. To Rise. To go within and discover the power that Father Sky and Mother Gaia have placed within your existence. It is there. You are being called. Called to rise. Called to action. Called to move. Called to allow Source energy to propell. You are all human AND you are all soul beings AND you are being called to rise.

We invite you now to rise forth in bravery. Use you actions. Use your voice. Use your mediums. Use your words. Use your programming. Use whatever you have available as your resources to rise against darkness, against evil, against those opposing forces that do not seek light. Through all of these words, we surround you with loving light and protection. Amen.


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