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The Weekly 12/7/2022

Welcome to The Weekly! In case you are new here, The Weekly is a channeled message that comes through for readers each Wednesday morning and as long as I am on my game, the message gets recorded here and sent out to all of you. I hope today's message resonates and fills you with a sense of peace.

On a different note, welcome to these last few weeks of 2022! It is just crazy how time seems to be moving at warp speed right now. I believe this is intentional. We are all being called to step into the highest version of ourselves and in seeing our highest version, we propel ourselves into the reality that truly seeks our best and highest version. And, this version of reality moves FAST! Regardless of where you are on the timeline, I hope you are healthy and settled and experiencing a peace deep within as we settle into these last couple of weeks...

Today's message is coming from Mother Mary and I hope you find her message to be helpful~

Welcome, dear ones. It is with a heartfelt sense of alignment that I come in today to deliver this message. I hope you will hear it with not only your eyes and ears but with your truest soul as well. We, meaning you, are here on the planet to watch this evolution. You are called to join the ranks of all of those who are rising up to join the forces of everlasting love. There is nothing greater than love. There is nothing finer than loving gratitude. You are a witness to this planet as it raises it's vibration to that of complete and never-ending, unconditional love and gratitude.

If you have ever doubted being here in this now, let this be your reminder. YOU are called to serve. YOU are called to love. And, this means serve and love like never before. There has never been a time upon this planet when love and service have been more needed. The forces of good and evil are at work daily. The sounding boards of the universal structures are in place and it is most definitely time for all those who are being called to arise.

You may not fully understand or comprehend but the message is simple. Do as you are called. Be of service with a kind heart. Raise yourself up even on the days when it feels impossible so that you are on your highest timeline and can function from a place on service and love. if you are reading this message, know that you may claim the name of "starseed", "lightworker" or "ancient one". It matters not your title. What matters is that you know fully that you incarnated during this miraculous time to use your talents, skills and abilities to help others rise and see the light. How is it that you are meant to shine your light?

In my main incarnation, my role was to shine the light upon the Christed One. My responsibility was to promote trust in the Godhead by example. In those biblical days, the Godhead spoke directly to us. Over and over, we would reach out for the "voice" that we knew would lead us through the thick of all wars, upheavals and struggles. Today, people on your planet believe that hearing from the voice of the Godhead directly is unheard of. The Godhead speaks. Constantly. Consistently. And, it is your responsibility to listen for the voice of greatness. It is this voice that will lead you to the point of greatness. The point of evolution for which you strive. The point of peace like no other.

So, I invite you to pray. To pray earnestly for all that you require. Even pray for the many things that you are unaware of but are a need for yourself. Simple pray. Ask for the guidance of light which surrounds us all. You all. This planet is alive with being-ness and you are all being called to be light. Pray with light. Show up for yourselves, your family and your responsibilities from a place that is filled with light.

And, so it is. Amen.

Thank you so much for reading today's version of The Weekly. Just a quick reminder that there are two holiday specials available, in case you haven't purchased yours yet. Many Blessings for a beautiful week!


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