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The Weekly 12/1/21

Good Morning and Welcome! The more I spend time channelling these specific messages, the more intune they seem to become! I hope you are discovering pieces of information or bits of insight that truly resonate with your life. It is my most sincere hope that you find what you need in this space and also feel in honor of yourself enough to leave behind what does not serve you. Our planet is at a change point, a reset station and it is highly imperative that we go deep in the honoring of ourselves and fully utilize our intuition to guide our process. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for showing up again and again. For that, my friend, is all that we can do in service to ourselves and others on the planet and along this journey.

Welcome to The Collective of Jonah this morning...

We come to you with tidings of great joy! Ha, at that we laugh but in truth, we do bring messages of great joy for joy is all there is. Well, along with love! When humans choose to leave behind strife and agitation and harshness, they step into a new life, a life filled with brilliance. JOY is a deciding factor for so many and thus, it is as it is meant to be. If you are not living a joyful existence, then why are you really here? If you are not loving fully, then why continue to exist? How is your life serving your soul?

We come to you today with the idea of seeking joy at all costs. What if you, as humans, were to only proceed with ideas or ceremonies or thoughts that created joy? What if you were to squash the thinking thoughts or the relatives or the ideas that take you further and further away from joy and turn those same thoughts or people or ideas into ones that are facilitators of the emotion of joy?

You ranks very close to the emotional set point of love. When one chooses to live in a state of unconditional love or unconditional joy, "things" change. Ideas change. Mindsets changes. New people enter your life. New experiences seem to appear out of nowhere. All things that are joy and thus love, can enter into the alignment of your current being. Without angst. Without frustration. Without worry.

So. What are you able to control at this time? We say to joy! THIS is within your control. If joy is not present in an activity, leave it. If joy is not present in a relationship, discover other relationships that do promote joy. Does this mean to leave all behind that does not promote joy or love? Of course not. But what it does mean is that you are required by Divine Law to seek joy which is a form of love. Learn to cultivate it. Seek it out. Have conversations about your current relationships, job, living situation etc and discover or maybe re-discover the ways in which joy can be present. Seek it out again and again. Intentionally. Especially as you close out this 2021 year.

When human beings vibrate in the frequency of joy (and also love for they are similar in energetic frequencies), stress is reduced. Body illnesses can be alleviated. The immune system strengthens. The serotonin levels within the body begin to increase. Pain and suffering become less and less and eventually can diminish completely. When you live in a state of joy, you are allowing your high vibrational frequency to carry you forward without weight. Without suffering.

Our goal for you as a species is to end this year of 2021 in a state of joy. We are inviting you to seek only those things which serve your overall "joy quotient" as you make plans for these last 30 days of this year. Keep joy at the forefront of your planning. When invited to place something upon your calendar, actively put your hand upon your heart and ask...Does this event create joy within my heart? Do I feel light and excited at this prospect or do I feel dread, worry, anxiety or even distaste? Then, HONOR THAT EMOTIONAL RESPONSE! It is when humans choose to ignore their bodies own emotional responses (or failing to pay attention to the intuitional hits) that humans will discover themselves in a situation that creates high anxiety, lowers the immune system and can potentially create illness, disease or angst.

Lastly, we guide you to listen to your physical body. This comes as a reminder that your physicality is simply a place for the soul to reside while you are in physical form. The physical body is a mechanism designed to aid you in making choices as it sends clear and concise messages of need, desire and want to the mental, thinking brain. The ego, however, will often choose to override these messages for a variety of reasons. Tune into your body. Listen to your innate knowing. Choose, over and over, to honor those messages that come through for so many different reasons. When humans master this, they are much less likely to discover themselves wrapped in situations that truly do not serve them, their physicality or even humanity itself.

We invite you to spend these last 30 days seeking joy. Put joy at the very tip top of your to do list. Remind yourself again and again that your "joy quotient" matters. It matters a lot! You matter! Choose joy. And, thank you for entering this space with us. Many blessings.

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