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The Weekly 1/18/2023

Welcome The Weekly! No matter where you are on this planet, I hope this message finds you healthy, happy and whole. Channeled messages come to us to offer us the exact messages that we require in each now moment. That is my hope for you today~ L. xo

We come to offer you this and only this. Resonate with what feels like truth and set the rest aside. We are from the Kingdom of Arthur and we are prepared to set this message down so that it can filter into your being. No where upon your planet can you discover solace until you have solace within your own self. Your own being.

Your outside circumstances require little thought as they are only a small part of you and your being-ness. It is what happens within you that matters. It is the thoughts that you allow into your "self". It is the emotions that rise from deep within that count. The external stimuli play little role in your daily life unless you allow it. It is the you that is within that matters and how the you within reacts to the external.

For example, when you feel anxiety- it is not the stimuli that created the anxiety that must be dealt with first. It is the emotional state of anxiety within that must be conquered, looked at and evaluated. Going inward is always the first response. Why do you feel like you do? How did this emotion bubble up? From which part of the body did it originate? Go deeply inward.

We bring this message to you and your planet because most (many) are consumed by outside circumstances and not the inward wellness. Nothing can conquer, change or alter your insides but you. YOU are the king of your emotions, feelings, thoughts and even your reactions. YOU.

Today and all of the days moving forward, it will be imperative for you to look at how you feel and not what is making you feel. Look at your reactions and not the stimuli. Humans are programmed to analyze all outside stimuli while forgetting completely to go inward and dissect their emotions as centered around the stimuli. We are hoping that this makes some bit of sense to you as you are about to embark on a very unusual journey. One that you had no idea was coming. One that you may or may not feel could possibly be a part of your earthly journey. The truth is that you called in this experience because there is learning to be had. There is always learning but this one is designed specifically for you. Trust the process no matter how difficult it may appear. You are surrounded by "help" and assistance on the other side. Our side. You are not alone in this new existence. Know this fully and believe, dearest ones.

You are here in this now moment to fully acclimate to and come to understand the wisdom that is contained deep within you. You do not have to exist in fear but in loving compassion toward your self. You do not have to analyze fear but look deeply within you to analyze the part of yourself that is experiencing fear. These are major differences in how you seek. Look at your own reactions to this new situation but not necessarily the situation itself. All is valuable. The situation and your reactions to the situation but you can only master one of them.

We believe that you are beginning to understand today's message. Look deeply within yourself at all moments and with all learning. You already know what is required of you. You already know what you are designed to learn in this moment. Are you up to the task at hand?

Thank you for listening and know that we are wishing you a great deal of compassion and confidence as you implement this new way of thinking, of analyzing and of seeing. And, so it is.


I hope that this message resonates with you and that you are able to welcome it in. These messages are always here to lift us up and help us confidently master the world around us. Know that I am sending you boundless love for a beautiful week~ L. xo


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