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The Weekly 1/11/2023

Welcome to The Weekly! Each week, you will find a short channeled message here in this space. I hope they impact you. I hope they bless your life in some small way. Sending you many blessings for an easy week and a beautiful month~

Today's message is compact and with a deeper pull- sent to me from my guides so that I could share it with you directly...

What is it that you truly desire? That thing~ that simply thinking of it~ causes your heart to flutter?

What is it that calls to you on the level of your soul?

Know that these callings are sent directly to you. They are tiny gifts meant for your unpacking. You are deeply one with Spirit. In fact, you are deeply one with all of the longing in your heart as well. The longings are placed upon your heart so that you strive, you move forward. Constantly. Consistently. Those longings lead you to grace. His grace. Her grace.

Step fully into who you are here upon this planet to be while knowing fully that we are with you.

Never are you called to do anything alone.

Never are you called to strive.

You are called to "be".

Be into your fullest version of your be-ing ness.

Life, this life, this planet, is here for you.

It is designed to help you cultivate your strength, your dignity and even your humility.

Pray fervently for those responsible for being stewards of your Earth.

It is they who must now stand in victory. In presence.

You are here for elevation, for ascension, for knowing the truest version of yourself.

You are here to be humble and blessed, honest and safe. Trust surrounds you in each now moment.

Nothing on your planet is ever as it seems, yet the Godhead is always, completely in control. Aware.

Nothing is hidden and nothing is real.

All is a mirage- a glistening pool for you to cool yourself completely.

But- stay too long and you will come to know it as "real" when it is not.

For all is an illusion except for Divine Love.

This is everlasting.

Be on guard and seek truth always.

And, so it is.

Please know that I am sending you many blessings of light and of love for a beautiful week. We never know when abrupt change will come into our lives. I ask you to prepare. Love those who love you. Love those who do not love you. For all of humanity- offer love as we shift into these new vibrations and strive to be our highest versions of ourselves.

L. xo


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