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The Weekly 2/16/22

Welcome to The Weekly! Every Wednesday I send out a unique, channelled message and I hope they resonate for you like they do me. Happy Wednesday and here's to an amazing week ahead...

What a blessing! Do you realize how very different and unique human beings are compared to the rest of the galaxies? Human bodies can think, feel, process foods, grow, shrink, create illness, heal illness, birth new life, smell, taste, touch, see.... the list is endless but know that other beings watch your human-ness with wonder.

All of that said, it is necessary for us to remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Ever. We see all. Hear all. Watch all. We are the helper-beings and we are constantly choosing light on your behalf. We are consistently hoping for your greatest good and your highest timelines. Know that this is so.

The purpose of human bodies upon your planet is simply school. Earth school. You have chosen to incarnate here and now so that you can fully learn how to be human, how to feel and how to process in human form. Remember also that this human form is oh-so temporary. Before you know it, you will have come back to your light body. You will remember what you have now forgotten. You will see all that was invisible while upon your planet. Know that love exists in all realms. Know also that you are and will continue to be a conduit of this love for Source. The Power of all of this lies within you. Not outside of you.

We come weekly to remind you that all is purposeful. All is necessary. All is love. All is compassion. Anything outside of love and compassion is simply for your highest learning and nothing else. So, learn all you can learn. Process it. Feel your way into it and know that we are with you. Then, surrender the rest. All of it. LET IT GO.

Light beings surround your planet incessantly so that we can monitor the progress in the hopes that enough of you will awaken before it is too late to repair the damage that is currently being done upon your planet. Love Mother Earth. Love each other. Love your process. And, know that love is all there is.

And, so it is.

~The Pleiadians


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