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The Weekly 12/29/2021

Welcome! The time is now. To be present. To feel alive. To live fully. To be emotionally invested. To become more authentically you every day. The time is now. Maybe there is no tomorrow... Maybe it is meant to be all about living today. Right now. In this present now moment? Just thinking out loud...

I hope this last channelled message of 2021 finds you healthy, happy and whole. I hope you are living it up and loving every minute of it as well! If you are setting intentions for this new year, post them. Shout them out. Begin living them today!

The message to follow is coming straight from The Collective of Jonah and I hope it hits you right in the heart space!


Dear Beings,

We come as our own specific collective to honor you, your planet and your emotional development upon this day. Given that time is short and it is nearly time to be propelled forward, we invite you to feel honored in this space today. We invite you to go inward and see what you need to clear out before the arrival of this new year. We are all of the supreme understanding that as you go inward to release what no longer serves you, you will discover an entirely new you waiting to be set free. It is to this "new you" that we wish to deliver today's message~

AS you come into the higher knowing, you are required to look at your own life through the eyes of a high one, a being of light, a revolutionary. Go ahead. Look inward. Look at your life. Dissect it. Delve into your hurts and the lives of those whom you have hurt. Ask forgiveness of yourself and others. Clear the air. Do not expect forgiveness and know that it is not required. Only the asking is required. Only the seeking is required.

None of you will look eagerly at what is to come if you have failed to honor this simple request of righting your wrongs. Go into your heart and seek peace. Take responsibility. Learn from your mistakes and your failures. Know that these things alone are all that is required at this time. Love comes honestly and openly as you forge ahead in this new way of being. There shall be nothing left to release if all is done in complete honesty.

Now, we invite you to seek love. It sounds so simple, yes? Seek love. But this does not require that you seek love from those around. No! It does not require you to seek love from those whom you love and hold most dear. It requires you to love yourself. Love your being. Love your compassion. Love your soul's journey. Your failures. Your successes. Love who you are at the core. Your inner most self. If you are unable to do this, you are unable to enter the eternal life and the kingdom of the heavens. Loving the self is of the utmost importance. This is the lesson for which you are upon this planet. Love yourself so much that nothing can interfere with that. Love yourself so much that no human or being has the ability to make you reconsider your self love habits. Love yourself so much that love is what oozes from within you as you speak, hug, share, discuss and inter-relate with others. Love is all there is. Love is all there was ever meant to be. Until love was not all there was....

Many wishes for a light-filled introduction into this New Year of the New You. And, so it is.


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