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The Weekly 11/22/23

Welcome to The Weekly~

This is my space to share a weekly, channeled message with all those who feel called to read. I hope that something here resonates and changes you and your day for the better. Today's message comes from the source that I refer to as "Divine Wisdom". I have worked with this group of beings, guides, masters and teachers for many years and have always found the guidance that they offer to be "in light" and designed to offer assistance to those of us who are currently working our way through the earth school lessons.


Welcome and please understand that those of you who are called to this space are called here for a reason. There is absolutely no reason for you to doubt or to fear. You are in resonance with the All, the Spirit of the All That Is.

Today, we come from outside of your senses to share with you some ideas that might be lying dormant within you. We hope that you will consider these inferences and see how they fit into the ritual that is your daily life.

Have you been pondering the idea lately that there is meant to be more to this life, this spiritual existence? Have you been trying to decide your next change as it pertains to your faith and/or your belief system? Do you feel as if change is eminent but you have no idea the source of this change? We invite you to feel into these ideas as normal. We also invite you to begin the process of accepting the journey of the soul. You will NOT make mistakes. You will however, have many experiences from which you will learn, grow and expand in your systems of belief.

You are existing in a time/space reality when it is important for you to understand that there are no limits. No belief systems exist that cannot be restructured or reformulated in some way. This is truth for all.

Those who are "falling short" (by their own decree) day after day are relying on the preconditioning that occurs at the time of birth. Not the soul's birth (inception) but the physical birth into this present life state. We invite you to find a way to journey back to the inception of the soul and seek the knowing that existed then. How? Time travel. Meditation. Deep looking. Trusting the knowings that exist within you. All of this information is accessible to you if you only choose to seek it.

We come this morning from a place deeply embedded within your soul. This is why this message resonates as it does. You (your physical eyes) are reading a script that was written with your specific eyes and mind in mind. You will take exactly what you need from this as will other readers. This, my friends, is how you journey back to the inception of the soul.

Each soul upon your planet has it's own divine imprint and must expand the knowledge contained within daily. If you are feeling stuck or like you can no longer continue seeking, then you know that it is time to return to the soul's inception and invite in your "what's next". There are no mistakes, no coincidences. There is only light that is capable of impacting your existence and creating change so rich that your thinking mind cannot comprehend the full truth of it.

There is no information too vast, too complicated or too involved for your phhysical mind to comprehend. If you come to any place along this journey, know that you were designed to arrive at that specific moment. Thus, you are prepared with all of the tools and necessary information to proceed accurately and from a true version of the heart space. No trial is too great. No experience too complicated. The tools you require are buried within your programming and it is your mission to dive into your knowing to seek that which you are required to witness while utilizing the tools available to you in this now moment.

We invite you to continue on. To remember your true calling. To accept yourself in those moments when you truly don't feel called to your mission. We ask that you have faith in yourself and this process even when you feel like you may be failing or falling short. No bridge is too long for you to cross. It only requires one step in front of the other.

How does this message serve you? We are hoping that it is a strong reminder to stay the course while remembering that you have a strong disposition to follow your life's path and complete the necessary assignments. The assignments tend to unfold in front of you when you are resigned to the path, knowing you may "misstep" or detour and that you will be quickly and efficiently redirected to the next step. These are NOT mistakes! We invite you to use the terms detours and redirected. Detours are also intentional so that you have the time to deduce exactly what the path looks like and that which it does not.

Again, you are guided. You are surrounded in loving, healing energy at all times. The question is quite simply "Do you allow this loving, healing energy to guide you or do you fight against it?" Do you surrender and ask to be shown your next steps or do you plow through utilizing your own mind? Do you believe within yourself that all that you need is within you?

We close today's message with the idea that you are never alone. You have guides, guardians, deceased loved ones, angel energies and so much more surrounding you in light as you work through this process of the soul's journey. Take a moment today in gratitude for all of this celestial aid that is available for your use. Acknowledge it.

If you are feeling lost or off-track, we invite you to return to your source. The inception of your soul or the beginning of your life in this body and discover or remember what you are truly in this physical body on this planet to do. The purpose is divine and your knowing is the answer.

And, so it is.

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