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The Weekly 1/19/2022

Welcome to Wednesday and welcome to The Weekly! I am so glad you are joining me in this space! Today's message is coming from The Pleiadians with a simple and concise message for all of us who are struggling through the Earth-being stage:

We come to you today as truth. As a simple message of truth.

Know today that absolutely nothing is as it seems. Know that you, yes you, are more powerful than you can ever imagine. How do we know this with such certainty? We know it because we are you and you are us. We are One.

The Ancients "knew" so much. Telepathy. Teleportation. Levitation. Time travel. Healing. Wellness. Communication. Rebirth. Renewal. Unity.

The Ancients knew all of the ways of Divine Wisdom. Here is the key and the most important part of today's transmission: You also know all of these things!

This knowledge is buried beneath the layers and layers of pain, of experiences, of programming. If you can tune in for just a fraction of a second, you can remember. You can "re-know" all of this glorious information.

What can trigger your re-knowing or your remembering?

Holding and hugging trees.

Staring up into the sky.

Listening to the waves of the ocean.

Digging in the soil.



Holding an animal.

Being silent.

Staring into the eyes of a newborn baby.

Planting seeds.

And, the best part? All of these things are free, without cost or financial commitment. You do not need gurus or priests or medicine men. You only need to reach into that truest and deepest part of yourself to be reminded of who you are and who you once were and who you are able to become.

YOU are powerful.

YOU are strong.

YOU are brave.

YOU are a shol deeply intent upon awakening to your greatest truths and your highest self.

Go now, today, in peace WITH yourself. For among all, YOU are your only concern. Your awakening. Your truth.

And, so it is.


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