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October 27, 2021 The Weekly

We come this week to honor you and your readers with this message~

Know that throughout history, throughout time, throughout the quantum field, there have been soul survivors and souls that do not come into awakening. Complacent souls who are not willing to stretch. It is our responsibility to allow you the knowledge that all souls are required for this trajectory called Earth to be the teaching place that it is designed to be.

Earthlings and non-earthlings are incarnated for the learning, for the journey. Thus, we invite you to come into the understanding that all beings learn, grow and fall into new levels of understanding.

What has happened on your planet and what continues to occur is that those with ill intent have banded together to create a camaraderie intent upon human destruction. It is now up to all beings to seek light in order to balance this dark.

Tread carefully, dear ones. Secure your households. Have some cash on hand. Stock your shelves. Garden. Raise animals. Pay attention to alternate sources of electric, heat, light, etc. Know that all will be well but maybe not in the fashion of which you have been accustomed.

On a lighter note, the Light is rising. People on Earth are truly beginning to see, to witness this pulse that seeks to destroy and reduce humanity.

Your best plan? Find a way to be of service in your physicality. This is why you are here. This is the purpose of your incarnation. Be light. Spread light. Share light. Teach light.

Human beings are perfection as the soul is the replica of the Divine One. But even some incarnated souls can go dark.

Seek sunlight. Seek nature, plants, organics. Share words of hope, faith, truth, trust and Divine love.

Continue to be light and bask in the light of all that is holy and All. Will. Be. Well.

And, so it is.


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