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Light Children vs. Toxic Foods

We all know the term "light children"~ those kids who come to this planet as extra-sensory. They are empathic and connected to nature. They also tend to dis-connect from society. They are the non-conformists, the artists, musicians and "feelers" of our day. They dislike being categorized and despise medication even more. They are our future healers, light workers, herbalists, pacifists and peacemakers. With all that said, as parents, we must be asking ourselves how do I help them? How do I keep them safe and happy, healthy and well-adjusted?

It all begins at the table and hopefully, that is a family table! These children can't be rushed. There is no hurrying them along. So, why not lounge at the table a bit longer and connect? These kids require a highly, rich diet of unconditional love, acceptance and understanding. But, first, let's talk about food.

Light children have highly sensitive bodies and fully activated nervous systems. They need energy to pay constant attention to the life forces of plants, people and animals that surround them. Why then, as parents, would we ever consider nourishing that same child's body with toxic chemicals, "food-like" substances, and uneasily digestible and genetically modified foods??

Light children's bodies require back-to-the-basics food. Fruits. Vegetables. Nuts. Seeds. Organic, grass-fed and humanely-raised meats. They definitely don't need packaged snacks, energy drinks, sodas, or processed foods. Real food is required here.

By offering a high-vibrational child a processed, low vibrational diet, you are short circuiting their system. You are creating a dissonance in their digestive tract and manifesting adrenaline in their nervous system requiring their body to search out the vitamins and nutrients in these food like substances.

Let's do the world a favor and learn to fuel these light children with the highest of vibrational foods! These light children are on this planet for very specific and unique purposes. They ARE the change makers, the norm disruptors and they need fuel to do they jobs!

So, remember: Fruits




Clean meats

Add in tons of clean water and you are going to see your light child blossom, awaken from their fog, shake off their depression and get busy living their life fully!

This is part of what I am on this planet to do~ Educating parents on more nutritious ways to feed their light children so that these kids can do their job of changing our planet, creating change and disrupting our societal norms!!

See you at the farmers market! xo

If you are interested in learning more about child nutrition or would like to host an at-home workshop for parents with light-children, reach out!


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