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Good Morning and welcome to day 24! I hope this email finds you healthy, happy and whole! What a whirlwind few days it has been, traveling in the midst of this assignment. But, I am back home in my favorite mountains and readjusting to a new normal.

We are always called to things that stretch us~ physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I have found that some humans dive in to these challenges while others shy away from them. I am here today to remind you that if you don't simply accept and embrace the challenge, you won't grow. There will be no evolution. So, give "that thing" a huge hug and go with it. You won't regret surrendering to a new experience.

Day 24~

We are always called to those things that will stretch us but those "things" may be the difficult challenges in our lives. Those "things" are what creates us in good, different and sometimes, unpleasant ways. The difficult and the simple. Whatever it is that is calling to you, I hope you can embrace it and know that the situation was brought directly to you for your learning.

The Goddess Speaks~

We are with you! We say this so directly because we want you to understand how safely protected you are. Plural? Yes, because Lisa says "goddess" but in truth, we are a conglomerate. We are a piece of the All that is here for you always. Your protection. Your livelihood. Your well-being. Your soul guidance.

We come with remembrance to remind you that you are never alone and always protected. The Earth is a transitory place and the unknowns may feel huge but we know this: YOU are protected as the world continues to recalibrate. Even as humans exchange their slow energy for high speed energy, you are safe.

We are speaking from a place with a bird's eye view of your planet. YOU have very special and unique talents to share and we invite you to do so regardless of how scary these things may feel to you. What you are being called to do is your special calling. Dive in. Fear not. Be courageous. Allow your guides to lead you and please, please, pay close attention today (and always) to synchronicities as these are your guideposts. Guideposts are simple reminders that let you know you are on the right track. And, you are! You are listening. You are evolving. Just drop fear and allow. Surrender to your special calling and we will be there to orchestrate the details. Understand?

For your simple assignment today, we invite you to watch for synchronicities. Pay attention to those events which seem magical or like "little gifts" from the Universe. This is how you will know that we are with you today. And, so it is.

*We are nearing the conclusion of this short assignment and I am hopeful that these messages resonate with you. Know that I am sending you great love and light this morning. L. xo


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