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Welcome to Day 23 of this Find Your Light series! I am so glad that you have been along for this ride. We only have a little over a week left and I am hoping that these messages hit you where you need it most.

Our guides work that way! I have always said that we get what we need as we need it and this venture is no different. I hope you have all that you need today and always~

Day 23~

Have you ever dove into your Akashic Records? This is your divine plan for your lifetimes. These records are just that~ a script for our time incarnate. We DO have a plan however, our minds get in the way. Our souls never faulter with this, though.

Today, I invite you to sit with the idea of what FEELS right. Remember that your soul knows your plan and that "feels right" feeling is your soul reminding you. The Akashic Records are always your plan and if you need help remembering- that is the work I love to do most with clients. You know where to find me.

The Goddess Speaks~

Good Morning, dear ones. It is a privilege to speak with you this morning. No where is it written that there is simply one way to do things. Even in your Akashic Records you have options. You always have free will to choose how you get from here to there.

As Lisa said, there is a divine plan for your soul's journey but there are multiple ways to achieve these goals and get to the endpoint. Please remind yourself constantly and consistently to seek your knowledge inward for all that you need is there. Also remember that YOUR SOUL was the one who created that Divine contract with Spirit in the Records of Akasha.

If all of this is new information, simply search inward. Don't you feel like you are on the right track at times? Are there other times when you feel lost or rudder-less with your earth trajectory? These are the times that you most need to allow your soul to speak. Your soul will never lead you astray. Never.

Today, on this brilliant morning, I am going to invite you to your biggest challenge yet. Place your dominant hand over your heart and ask:

What new idea does my soul want me to understand today?

What did I once know that I have forgotten?

These questions are thought provoking, yes. But, I want you to ask them TO your soul. The answer may be quite different when you listen to the soul from the heart space. Your soul WILL answer and from this new information, you may feel free to move forward in a fresh and enlightened way.

What new idea does my soul want me to understand today?

What did I once know that I have forgotten?

In seeking these answers, you are opening a new line of with your eternal soul. This is the connection that you have been seeking and this connection will never lead you astray. All of my love and, so it is.

*If message 22 resonates with you, I invite you to share it today with a friend, a family member or maybe with someone who is struggling to regain their footing after a difficult time. Sending you great love this morning, L.


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