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Lisa Renée

Spiritual Life Coach~Intuitive Healing

Writer~Channel of Divine Wisdom

Welcome ~

For years, centuries, aeons, there have been those called to Divine Wisdom~ those called to show up in Earthly form so as to share with those who are called to serve the Wisdom that is continuously available to them. And, so it was and has been.​

Now, humans are being called to rise up into their authenticity to share the methods, the knowledge, the modalities and the knowing that all human beings are simply a bridge between Earth and the heavens. This unique knowing is from the All for the All. Not one person exists without this knowing and it is here that we must begin.

This knowing that all beings are connected, inter-connected if you will, is the key. Nothing is separate. There is nothing and absolutely no one who resides outside of the connection of the All. This is your Divine Knowing and All is well.

Lisa Renée is on her own mission to bring this knowing of Divine Wisdom to all that she meets. Sharing her own story and healing modalities is part of her personal journey. The All is here for each of us as we embark on our individual and unique tracts to ensure that we are purposefully and diligently fulfilling our life purposes. This is the "work" that Lisa has agreed to do while in Earthly form and we welcome you to this space!


"Food has always been a struggle for me, a trigger and a way to self sooth myself. Through several meditations, mantras and sessions to change what I actually eat, I have a better reltionship with myself and with food. Thank you, Lisa"   ~ Rosemary S. 2023

"Learning how to heal was not for the faint of heart. Coming to grips with the ideas of how my past traumas continued to show  up in my life has been life changing."  ~Dillon 2024

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"Lisa has walked hand in hand with me through my divorce. I have learned to see that through our past lives and connections, we signed up for this reality. Overcoming it and healing from a sacred space of love has helped my move forward and to a more solid place."      ~J. Frank 2024

"I believe that long ago, God drew a circle around where you are standing right now. You were never not coming here."      ~ Rumi

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