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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Welcome to The Weekly! I am so glad you have joined this space. Every Wednesday, I will be posting a channelled message for all of you who have subscribed and I just know that it is going to be helpful as we always receive the information we need at exactly the correct time~ Divine Timing. As I am guided, I do my best to listen and then, follow through. I will offer you the sources of these messages when/if they are revealed to me but otherwise, you can safely assume that they are originating from a conglomeration of my own spiritual guides, guardians and Master Teachers on the other side.So, let's get started and see what information is available to us today...

We welcome you to what we will call this space of Divine learning. There are other spaces but none that connect to these exact energies. We will bring to you a message every Wednesday and we thank you for tuning in.

The activities currently on your planet may seem a bit disheartening however, we will encourage you all to stay the course. There is most definitely a Divine Plan at play and we invite you to sit in silence a bit to recall your definitive purpose in this Divine Plan. Yes, you most definitely have one, a Divine Plan, that is. All that is needed is for you to have recall, a remembrance of All That Is from your time on the other side.

You see as each human being incarnates onto your planet, they are imbedded with certain DNA markers that can aid in acquiring new knowledge and it is these markers that you will be calling forth as you work in forward motion toward the fulfillment of your purpose.

There is absolutely nothing to fear. We say this with utmost seriousness as many upon your planet are currently working and living from the state of fear instead of progression, unity and love. All beings upon your planet were originally created from a state of love and it is to this original state that they will eventually return. There are, however, no guarantees about the state of their original mind while upon the planet. This is called free will as agents or humans can change the destiny by these free will choices. However they choose while in physical form, they will eventually return to love which is the basis of all states of matter.

Where does that leave you as a human today? We realize that it creates a most remarkable situation for all breathing and moving upon your planet today. We realize that many are struggling to get out from underneath the heavy hand of your current governing bodies and those within seats of power.

As messages for wellness and "new" ways of being become more prevalent, more mainstream, it is safe to say that the general public will all eventually have two choices. To awaken to a new reality or to remain asleep and fall into the abyss of permanent slumber. Remember that even those who fall into the abyss while upon the planet will eventually awaken as they pass back into the state of being of love to which all creations eventually return. This is a cycle which cannot be broken as the planet Earth is deemed a school environment by the Divine Maker and thus, those who choose this incarnation, do so to become a facilitator of greater wisdom and knowledge.

How does this message help you today? We invite you to sit in stillness several times each day and simply ask "How am I to serve today?" "What parts of me are sleeping and require tending or attention?" Your soul is well aware of all that you require to live a fulfilling and productive life upon this planet. Allow yourself the time and space in the mind to fully awaken to your greatest possibilities. That is all and we will speak to you again next Wednesday for The Weekly update.

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