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The Weekly~ November 12, 2021

I hope this channelled message finds you healthy, happy and whole! The energy is amazing and frantic and chaotic and full of love on our planet right now. Do your best to remain in love for the all and everything and everyone. Loving those who are hard does not mean pulling down your boundaries but keeping them up and solid in love. Move through your day conscious in your breathe and your ability to be, feel and experience the highest state of love...

Channelled from The Collective of Jonah

We come to you today to share some interesting news.

The Earth is on an orbit. The sun will continue to heat your planet and offer it light. The moon will continue to go through its phases and all will be exactly as the Divine wishes it to be. Surprising or no?

You see, all is of divinity and traveling through space and time on it’s own unique, divine, purposeful plan. Why would your life be any different? Why would your choices be capable of changing this trajectory for your own soul’s evolutionary path?

As humans, it is quite simple to get caught up in the matrix, in the 3D reality. The truth is that the reality in which you currently find yourself is no different than the orbit of the sun or the moon or other planets. There is a predetermined life flow to all. Alignment.

You are either living in alignment, in the flow or not. You are either believing in the divine plan or you are struggling. You are either surrendering and accepting your current situation or fighting against it.

Truth and lightness are made available to you when you surrender to the flow of the universe and your divine plan. As humans, you want to believe that your choices and your decisions can alter your path. And, in truth, this is accurate but only for a short while. Eventually, you will find yourself back on the path of divine flow because all is destined.

So, what is suffering and how does it occur? You make choices that pull you further and further from your state flow, from your alignment. It is our belief, as a Collective, that life upon your planet can be easy and in the flow state or difficult and going against it. That is your choice. That is your challenge. That, sweet friends, is why you are here.

How do you choose alignment? How do you stay in the flow state and on your path? One single, choice at a time. Each decision will lead you there or elsewhere. Baby steps and only one at a time. With each step, invite in awareness. Will this lead me toward alignment and feelings of security and well-being or away from it?

Stay in the flow, my friends, and you will begin to release all anxieties and stressors.

And so it is.

Sending you many blessings of light and love~

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