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The Weekly~ 11/23/2022

Welcome Back to The Weekly! After completing our Find Your Light series, I felt like a little break was in order. Our household is stil adjusting to this time change as well. I hope that you and your family are well and heading into the holiday season with a calm and peaceful sense of purpose this year. I am always thankful when you, the readers, log in to The Weekly and receive the messages so, thank you for being here...

Today, we are welcoming in the Spirit of Adonais:

Know that all is well and that I am with you. The seasons may change. Your circumstances may change. However, you will be well received in the order of time/space/reality. The blessings which have been bestowed upon you are well worth your structures upon this planet you call Earth. Your blessings are divine, are they not? This is because you have been called to action, to assist in the rising of your planet.

Those of you who are reading this are rising up in the image of a creator/manifestor and this is what we must discuss this morning. YOU are created in the image of the Divine Manifestor. YOU have a mission and it is entirely up to you to decide if you are willing to accept this mission of divinity. Ask yourself...Why am I here? What is my Divine mission? Then, simply wait for the response of your soul guidance. Your should guidance is linked directly to the Spirit Master and when you are connected, all seems in alignment. When you are not connected, all can seem out of alignment or as if it is a struggle. This is easy enough for you to monitor in your daily life. When things are "in flow", you are working on the energy line of Spirit. When things feel disjointed or out of whack, you are simply not working on your energy line and you must realign.

The planet is hurtling into new possibility as Lisa types. There are changes occurring minute by minute. Some of you are feeling this trajectory transition quite acutely. Others may seem oblivious but know this, they are being upgraded just as you are but on a lesser scale. It is only when a human can accept and surrender to the shifting timelines that humans can feel the bulk of the shift. When you embrace it, you are allowing for ease and grace through the upgrading process. All that you are experiencing is for your highest timeline no matter how difficult it may appear at first. Even the smallest disruption is essential right now. NOTHING is happenstance. All is guided and a part of your mission if you can only look deeply enough to witness it.

Know that this season on Earth is FOR you. Your upgraded knowledge is available to you. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find the avenue through which to access your upgraded self. We know that this is available to you and many of you are reaching out for the access. Do NOT get lost in your struggle or grieving. Know that we, the members of the United, are here to assist you in your acceleration. We send you many blessings of light and love and elevation. Stay the course and listen intently for your Divine Mission. It is all available as you inquire. Just listen carefully.

And, so it is.

I hope this short message resonates with you on some level and I also hope you are healthy, happy and feeling whole this holiday season. Below are some healing specials that I am offering to clients. If you are interested in purchasing any of them, simply reach out via email or text and I can invoice you.

Much love for a beautiful week ahead,



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