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The Weekly October, 20th, 2021

Welcome to The Weekly! Each week, I channel a message for all subscribers and deliver it here on my blog. I hope this message finds you healthy, happy & whole...

Good Morning! This message is a clear and concise guide for those living upon your planet. As a Christed One, it is my duty and requirement to offer you this message today. One of hope. Of resilience. And, one of complete knowing.

You are perfect in your creation. You are exactly as the Great Spirit created you. Perfection in all of your gifts and in all of your glory. There are no mistakes in creation. Therefore, what that means for you is that your struggles, your trials, your tribulations and yes, even your successes have been created in the image of the Creator. Why?

The Creator desires your learning. Your expansion. Your knowing. He/She desires that you will blossom in your wholeness and your completeness. Our Brilliant Creator shares this message through us so that you will be able to breath that sigh of relief and rest in the knowing that you are perfection in all that you do. Even your most difficult moments are Divinely Guided in perfection.

With all of this said, we invite you now to look deeply at your own manifestations. Your own deeper desires. Your thoughts. Are there times when you criticize yourself harshly? Would you criticize the Christed One as harshly?? Of course you would not. So, why then, do you feel compelled to criticize yourself so harshly? Know this: YOU are not criticized by those on the other side. For they are well aware of the difficulties and struggles that come from incarnating on your planet. All of us on the other side know of the hardships of being humans.

Maybe you are now asking why you chose to incarnate here if it was going to be so difficult? Because you have a role to fulfill. A destiny. Lessons for your learning and the learning of others upon the planet. May we also be a reminder that your lessons go much deeper than yourself. Your lessons reach every future generation of your determined lineage. Your lessons, as individual as they may seem, have a ripple effect reaching outward to many who come into contact with your vibrational frequency. Some of this outreach is known while some is unknown.

It matters not whether you are conscious of this outreach or not. It impacts th planet all the same. Say, for example, you do a good deed. You offer food and clothing to a poor child and her family. One day, maybe 30 years from the present, that same child does something because she carries a memory of a lone person stopping by her home and dropping off groceries and clothing one winter day. The ripple effect is a far reaching umbrella and as humans, you have no idea in the physical realm what that impact may or can look like in the future.

Thus, we say onto you all, do good. Show loving kindness to all with whom you come into contact. Know that good deeds reap good deeds. Know that kindness brings more kindness. Know that everyone with whom you come into contact has a cross to bear and is reeling from the effects of those who have come before. Knowing this, there is no possible way to proceed with anything other than loving kindness and compassion.

Criticize no one. Love your journey and extend love to all as you meet them for they will cross your path at exactly the moment as is needed. We say all of this in loving kindness with a simply reminder to love and be conscious of the journey. Yours and others. For the journey is the reason you are on your planet.

Amen and so it is.

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