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The Weekly 9/6/2023

Welcome to The Weekly! I have been on a bit of a hiatus lately- on here delivering The Weekly each Wednesday and with my podcast, Moving Into Light. Sometimes, life just needs living and things have to go on the back burner. But, I awoke today refreshed, renewed, stepping back into my power and ready to return to work. I know we all have those seasons in which we are required to go inward so that we can emerge refreshed and rebooted. So, here's to new beginnings and a beautiful fall season!

The guides are popping in this morning with some very important messages and I hope they resonate with you:

Welcome, dear ones.

We are grateful to be able to once again join you in this space. There is nothing to say except that which has already been said. You have heard it before and you know it in your soul. You are each being called to greatness. You are each being called to step into the best version of yourself. There is little doubt that you are ready. You are prepared. You are bigger than life and braver than you think!

As humans in the physical body, you are feeling a bit unsteady in these times of great awakening and that is to be expected. Unsteadiness in simply a sign that you are regaining your footing for the days and weeks to come. As many are, you are each being called to deliver the message to those who have yet to hear.

There is no savior coming to save you. There is no physical act of "God" coming to destroy you. There is only the awakening of your truest soul. What rises up within you upon hearing those words is telling. Place your hand upon your heart and say "No one and no one thing is coming to save me. My journey is laying out in front of me for my own exploration. I am here to witness my own grand awakening.- the awakening of my soul, my heart, my being-ness." How does that make you feel? What arises within you as you step into the control of your future and your destiny?

YOU, dear one, DO control your destiny, your future, by how you think, by what you think. Think good thoughts and bring more "good" into your life. Think dark thought and bring more "dark" experiences into your life. You, AND ONLY YOU, contain the power to propel yourself into joy, greatness and exceptional experiences. For that is what you are here to come to understand. Joy. Make joy your primary emotional state and watch your life change for the better.

Lisa recently heard someone say that if enough people refused to believe a hurricane was approaching, the hurricane would cease to exist. She pondered this for several days. All around you is energy and when enough people begin to think thoughts, that energy grows. When enough people join hands and see, feel into and believe in peace, peace is what exists as there will be no room left for turmoil. It is an interesting thought, yes? Your thoughts are powerful and once you understand that you create your reality by these thoughts, you have learned a valuable life/earth lesson. You truly do create your reality and the day-to-day existence becomes surrendered to your manifestation desires. If you believe and see only joy and joyful experiences in your life, guess what? More joy and more joyful experiences is exactly what you will continue to create and experience more of.

See how that works? Now, for today, we ask you, what is it that you want? How do you wish to feel each day? Where will you seek, discover and witness joy in each living moment?

We are sending you many blessings today as you ponder this idea of creating your reality and saving yourself. Much love and so, it is.


I hope this edition of The Weekly finds you healthy, happy and whole. If you are interested in scheduling an intuitive session through the Akashic Records, please reach out via text 843.469.4487 or email

Sending you much love and blessings for a beautiful week ahead~

L. xo


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