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The Weekly 9/27/2023

Good Morning and welcome to The Weekly! Today, I am coming to you from a tiny cottage in Charleston, SC. A small car issue (for our child not us) led us here on a slight detour but, all is well. I begin each morning with a single, cup of coffee, my journal and my Saints & Angels Oracle card deck. This has been my practice for 12 hears now and it never fails to amaze me how spot-on the messages are.

I hope this version of The Weekly finds you healthy, happy and whole and that this simple, channelled card reading resonates with your soul. It certainly hit home for me today...

The Blessings of Abundance card:

There is nothing too great for you to ask. There are no limits. If you can dream it, visualize it, it is yours. All that you have, you once visualized. Now, allow your abundance to present onto you.

You, dearest ones, are limitless. Abundance flows freely to you and FOR you.

You truly are the all-powerful, all-knowing being that you believe yourself to be. Nothing holds you back. Nothing can thwart the blessings of the Divine, fully in your favor if you only believe.

Do you feel as if you are less than? Or has fear taken over your ability to believe truly that you are leading a life of abundance? Then, begin with this simple act of sitting quietly for a few moments. Place your hand upon your heart. Then, see and feel your way into the abundance which you desire to experience within your own life. THIS is the only way to achieve that which you desire. See it. Feel into it. BELIEVE IT, dear ones. And, remember, abundance is many abundance of quality friendships, an abundance of healthy food or knowledge or understanding or wisdom or finances. See abundance surrounding you and so it will be.

And, so it is.


I hope this brief message resonates with your soul. It was a great reminder to me this morning to believe in my power to manifest all that I desire by simply believing that my abundance is here. Right now. Right with me. Sending you many blessings and great love and light from Charleston, SC. Have a beautiful week ahead and see your abundance as already arrived! L. xo


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