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The Weekly 9-14-22

Welcome to The Weekly! If you are new here, I am glad you joined to receive these messages. Each week, I share a channelled message in the hopes that someone, somewhere will benefit. If it resonates with you, I invite you to share. Thanks for showing up for yourself every day. Lisa xo

This channelled message is coming through from the spirit of Joshua:

I come to bring some messages that some will reverberate with and others may not. You, as a planet, are in some difficult times. However, these are also the most enlightening days for many. So, you see, it is all based upon your own, significant perspective. I would always invite you to consider the idea that every single thought filters through your own awareness. Thus, making it slightly tarnished as only you can see through your own eyes. Tarnished in the way of seeing through your own filter. This, again, is not to be judged as good or bad. It simply is.

As a planet, the population of Earth is beginning it's new process. A new timeline. A completely altered way of seeing all of those things, events and peoples that happen to be directly in front of them. This is true for all who are currently walking upon the planet. Seeing with new eyes. Loving with a new heart. You are aware, are you not, that every single body, tissues, muscles, blood cells, etc rejuvenates and renews itself periodically, correct? NOTHING is permanent. NOTHING is meant to last forever. This includes your physical body. Your mind. Etc. The only thing that is enduring is the Divine Spirit and your eternal soul. Notice I said ETERNAL SOUL? This is because man has no beginning and no ending. YOU are here for the duration. Finding bliss in the eternal after life is the goal of many upon your planet and this is because of your preconceived notions and your programming. All will eventually return to the Spirit and thus, it is so.

Now, for those of you who are beginning to seek, this is my advice. Lisa has been taking this "dictation" from me for many years and now, she is able to share it with you. Here is some in a very concise manner:

All upon your planet is not as it might seem.

Treat all others as you wish to be treated yourself.

Find time each day to connect with yourself and then your god.

Discover the blessings in your surroundings by being totally present as often as possible.

Look inward to all you meet and do your best to see them with the eyes of god.

See the soul and not the physical trappings.

Do kind works and thus they shall be returned to you.

Speak to others as if they were your parent. Respect all and harm none.

Refuse anything that directly alters the body chemistry as this will eventually cause great harm to many.

Trust that your soul knows best. Trust your knowing. Your intuition.

Look at the way you eat and then, make changes. Once you get comfortable in this new way, make more changes. Aim for whole foods, mostly plants and take great caution with any meat or dairy as soon, this, too, shall be tainted.

Begin looking to the future through the lens of someone who can sustain their own life, feed themself, have available fresh water, plants for medicines and air to breathe.

None of these recommendations are meant to frighten but simply to prepare.

YOU are strong and have bandwidth.

YOU are capable of bringing into your life the many blessings which you feel entitled to but it is only and always the ego mind that gets in the way.

See yourself as you wish to be and so you shall become.

Envision your life exactly as you wish and every day, you will find yourself closer and closer to this new version of yourself and your life.

More than any of these things, I say to you...LOVE.

Love is the beginning, the middle and the end of all things truth. Of all things god. LOVE.

And, so it is.

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