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The Weekly 9/13/2023

Welcome to The Weekly! I am so glad you are here. There is currently so much energy swirling around us that you can almost reach out and feel change in the air, right?

I am offering this message today in the spirit with which it was given~ surrounded by light and great love. I hope something in it resonates with your soul and brings you peace today...

September 13, 2023

Welcome, dear friends. We come through this morning to simply remind you that the Earth you witness is not the true Earth. We are here to let you be reminded that those in power are not exactly who they appear to be. We come forward to help you remember that you are a completely sovereign being. You are beholden onto you, yourself and no one or nothing else.

When it comes to the diving deeply within your soul, there is absolutely nothing within you that must defer to anyone else or anything else. This is what it means to be sovereign. You are and it is.

Since the beginning of creation, there have been beings of light and beings of dark. It is always a choice with whom you choose to resonate and align yourselves with. Always. Today, we remind you to choose consciously. Find the light. Seek the joy in all circumstances even those that seem to be mostly dark. This is how you shift a darkness or a difficult situation into light. YOU contain light. YOU are designed to live according to the laws of love, unconditionally.

We remind you to come home to the peace within your soul. When you are seeking light, love, comfort and sovereignty, you need look no further than your own inner self. For you were created as a being of light and it is not necessary for you to look any further than within.

In this moment, as the seasons are changing and the days will begin to get shorter, we invite you to come back to your spiritual practices. Maybe you share a quiet cup of tea with your partner and remember why you are together? Possibly you being to gather the herbs and remedies that will promote your health through this upcoming winter season? Maybe it is time to return to meditation and yoga or movement or daily walks in the crisp air... Whatever is required of you and your soul to be in alignment with Spirit's holiest plan for you, NOW is the time.

We remind you, today, that you are the caretaker of you. Nothing on your planet is your ultimate concern except your own well-being and free will. When you tend to this garden, then and only then, are you willing, free and capable of helping others tend to their inner most selves. You are sovereign. You know your inner workings better than anyone and still there is room for improvement. There is always space to learn more and receive more information, adapt to the knowledge that surrounds you. For when you stop seeking, you beginning the process of decay.

Seek. Search. Find your center and return to your inner compass. We will guide you but first, you must make yourselves available by seeking and so, it is.


I hope some part of this message resonates with your soul and your soul's journey. Some big changes are occurring in my life right now and I can't wait to share them with you soon. Be on the lookout for a new episode of my podcast, Moving Into Light. Talk soon xo

If you are interested in getting on the schedule for an intuitive session diving into the Akashic Records, you can reach out on my website through the Contact Lisa page and I will get you scheduled.


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