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The Weekly 8/24/22

Welcome to The Weekly! This is my space to share a weekly channelled message every Wednesday. I hope it resonates~ and, if so, please feel free to share. We have major energies coming in soon and it is our responsibility to be prepared...

Sent by Joshua~ 8/24/22

Good Morning and welcome! This message is for all healers, intuitives, empaths, and those who are dedicating themselves to the evolution and awakening of your planet~

This is NOT a time to be silent. This is a time for boldness, a time to act. We are crossing a threshold that can not be unseen, uncrossed or unacknowledged. Living in this time-space continuum makes for a rough and rocky emotional ride but if you are reading this, you, too, have been called to act.

Your action may be that of a light worker, a yoga teacher, an herbalist, a meditation instructor, a school teacher who values independent thinking, a practitioner of sorts who wants to allow the hand of Spirit to help others heal. Maybe you are beginning a new part of your journey. Maybe you are allowing the surrender so that Spirit can lead you in your destined direction. Whatever your role is time to act.

There is no time like this present now moment. You MUST NOT be still or silent. Act! Do! Share! Teach! All is divinely timed so as to awaken your planet in the exact now moment as is required by those who can see and bear witness to all that is life. YOU matter. YOUR thoughts and ideas matter. All is created to work together in simultaneous and glorious unification. Your soul is called today to act. Whatever is calling you...allow that to be your guide.

As all humans are called to shift in these very important next few days, YOU are called specifically to your task. The task is quite unique and no one can fill your role except you. It matters not how slight or small this role feels. What matters is how much of your heart you donate to this calling. My advice? Go all in. Reserve nothing. Hold nothing back. Give your heart to your project, your dream, your inspiration, your goal. There is an outpouring of unification energy which will continue to support and uplift you as you work to fulfill your most passionate desire. This desire (it should be noted) does not come from your mind. It comes from your soul. It resonates from the deepest part of your being. Do that. Do that thing which you know you must. And, do it well.

I am calling to you from the depths of my being, out here. You may feel my calling, my urging, even my own heart space as I am urging you to get up and shake the sleep from your eyes and simply begin. It doesn't have to be perfect but it does have to begin. YOU are the maker of your dreams and YOU hold the passes that will open the gate for your longevity and well-being.

I, Joshua, am sending you light. I am sending you love that will blossom in your heart space and allow you to open fully to that which is calling you. Go forth now and open to your greatest and grandest mission. Hold nothing back for you are protected and honored for your work.

Amen and so it is.



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