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The Weekly 8/17/2022

Welcome to The Weekly and Happy Wednesday! I use this space on the internet to share with my readers a weekly channelled message. I never know who we will connect with until I begin the message but my hope is always that they are useful and purposeful.

The Elders~ 8-18-22

Welcome and today, we would like to discuss with all of you the issue of time. Time in our sphere is endless, mindless and non-important. Actually, we usually tend to function is a state of timelessness. We do not employ the use of clocks, calendars, etc. We exist. We simply are. We are in the eternal state of being-ness.

All of that said, we feel that it is in your best interest if we are to remind you that time does exist on your planet and in your sphere. Why is this message important? Time is limited for all of you upon your planet. There will be an end point. An end of days. You will cease to exist in your current physical form. In other words, your soul will return to our sphere. This is not meant to frighten you but to simply remind you that there may not be the tomorrow that you believe there will be.

How can you move forward fully acclimating to this knowledge? It is quite simple. Do today what you can do today and do not put things off until tomorrow. Tell people that you love them. Honor your commitments today without procrastination. Love your loved ones fully and completely with the knowledge that they may never love you again in the present after each and every moment.

This is not in any way meant to scare you. This is not a "doomsday" message. This is a simple reminder that you only exist in the present now moment. You can only be concerned with today, right now. Each now moment is a complete gift. A package. Unopened until the new day begins and it is entirely up to you how you CHOOSE to spend each day. If you choose to spend each and every day offering your time and your thoughts to your work, please ask yourself, 'What am I giving up within this day to be so dedicated to my work?". If you feel comfortable and satisfied with the answers of your soul, continue on. If you realize that what you are giving up or losing means more that the work, you must require yourself to shift how you spend each now moment. Too often on their death beds, people in human form will regret the way they spent their days. The goal is to eventually pass back into spirit form without regrets. So, live fully. Love fully. Do NOT procrastinate. Tell those whom you love how much you love them. Spend each day in such a way as to end the day satisfied with how the time was spent.

We offer all of this to you as a simple and complete reminder that the days are changing. The energy upon your planet is shifting. Love is and will be the only way to interact. As people are evolving and awakening to new energies, feeling into each now moment and being fully present will become the normal way of existing upon your planet. This is the time to return to what once was. Unconditional love will always reign.

Amen. And, so it is.

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