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The Weekly 7/5/2023

Happy Wednesday and welcome to The Weekly! This is a space in which I share a weekly, channelled message every Wednesday morning. I never know what is going to come through but my hope is always that it resonates. That it changes you in some way for the better...

Today, I have been guided to share Morning 29 from my new book. In case you have not heard, I recently published "40 Mornings With Divine Wisdom" and it is now available for purchase in print or ebook on Amazon and Apple Books.

These short messages are meant to offer the reader some principles for divine living~ reminders, if you will, on ways to live a high vibrational life. I hope you enjoy Morning 29.


Morning 29- Intuition

You know what you know because you know it.

There is something deep within your soul that offers you a resounding YES or a sacred NO. Why, then, do you struggle to listen? To understand? To make decisions? To grow? To expand To more forward?

Go within. Go to that place deep within that knows. That space is already offering you the answers that you require.

There is no need to fear when you can go within to seek that which you already know as fact. When you can make this practice of listening to your intuition a daily part of your living, life itself can become so much easier.

Living within the confines of this beautiful grace is how humans were designed to exist. The internal knowing will never lead you astray. That is until the ego or mind-body overrides that which you already understand.

And, this, dear one, is why so many humans continue to find themselves in situations that were not part of their original plan for life upon the Earth.

Failing to trust the intuition. Deciding to allow the mind to rule. This way of living can/might lead to heart ache, heart break, confusion, frustration.

Please. Please. Please. Begin to go forward using your internal knowing and allowing the mind to quiet. If you must, study mindfulness. In this practice, you are teaching your human self to quiet the mind and allow the intuition to lead.

In this way, you can enter into the kingdom of the Christ and All information is available to you. To witness. To use. For expansion and growth.

Intuition is your gift from the Father/Mother God of All. Your soul will recognize this information as truth. Amen to truth.

May all those with ears to hear and eyes to see, understand. And, so it is. ~Day 29


We can always benefit from a reminder to trust our intuition- our internal knowing. Hope this helps you get through the days ahead. And, if you are in need of assistance, feel free to reach out to me through my website:


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