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The Weekly 7/20/22

Welcome to The Weekly! On Wednesdays, I receive and deliver a special channelled message brought to us at exactly the right moment in time. I never know the source until I sit down to create but I always find them meaningful in some way. And, they often resonate differently in the future so, I suggest go back and read previous editions. The learning is always relevant. I hope this message resonates with you and I know that I am sending you blessings for happiness, health and wholeness.

Today's message is coming from Divine Wisdom and it is offered from a state of unconditional love for all.

Welcome! Today, we bring you the message that you are just as important as everyone else you encounter throughout your days. Every single person who walks upon your planet is equal in the eyes of the Most High. There is no difference between the poor, the rich, the sick, the healthy, the morally corrupt, the confident, the religious, the non-religious. You may struggle to understand this concept but no one, not one single person, is any less in the eyes of the Divine. ALL ARE EQUAL.

The Christed One walked the planet to teach that all are equal and that all circumstances are working for and toward Divinity. There is nothing in your life that is not appearing for you in divine timing. It is the struggle to understand this concept that creates heart ache and unease. You are love- whole and complete. There is absolutely nothing that you are required to do to "earn" the love of the Divine. All you are here to do is simply "be". It is in this being-ness that you are able to receive the full amount of love that is being sent to you daily.

It is also of great importance that we remind you that there is nothing that any of you are required to do EXCEPT love. Love yourself. Love your family. Love the earth. Love the work. Here is the hard part... Love the murderers. Love the politicians. Love the thieves. Love the disrespectful. Love the rude. Love the abusers. Of course, you have boundaries. You don't have to invite them in to your home to rob you but you can still hold them in love. So much love that you feel as if your heart might burst.

THIS IS THE WAY. This will be the Church of the New Earth. This is what He came to teach and this is what we are returning your planet to. Love. That is all. And, so it is.


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