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The Weekly 7/19/2023

Welcome to The Weekly! I am so glad that you found me. This space is where I offer a simple channelled message each week. My hope is that the message resonates and changes you in some way for the better. Sending you blessings for a beautiful day~


We are here. Not only in spirit form but in human form. We are here. To guide you Earthlings in all of your adventures and your new undertakings. We are here. To offer our assistance as we are so called.

It is the understanding that all who call upon us receive our wisdom and guidance. Thus, we offer to you~ CALL UPON US, YOUR MASTERS AND TEACHERS AND GUIDES. This is our purpose which we are called to fulfill.

It may seem as an unknown but, we in spirit form, also have soul purposes and missions to complete just as you do upon Earth. Our responsibilities vary but we do our best to remain true to our purposes as do you. The masters, teachers and guides of your surroundings are hopeful for your future. It is within our understanding to offer you this fact. THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR AND SO MUCH LIGHT TO WELCOME IN. Do so with unending fervor. Welcome in the light. Anchor it in so that growth and expansion are all around you. There is absolutely nothing that you are not capable of when you decide to anchor in the light!

Today, tomorrow and the next day, you are being tasked with searching for and defining YOUR LIGHT. Discover or re-discover your light by asking the following questions:

What am I on this planet to do?

What makes me feel vibrationally high when I am in the middle of the act?

How am I here to make a difference?

Who can I impact others with my knowledge, actions and opinions in the highest levels of service?

What, if anything, should I quit or stop doing so that I can optimally shine my highest degree of light upon this planet?

Am I spending time daily in prayer, meditation and quietude so that I can fully hear and acclimate to the messages that I am meant to receive?

Upon answering all of these questions, know and understand that the answers will change with each rise in vibrational frequency. With each new understanding, you will expand and grow and therefore, you will be required to ask the questions again. The shifts are inevitable, dear ones, and as they occur, welcome them in. Feel into each new vibrational level and reward yourself for the accomplishment. For this is how you know that you are on the right trajectory, the path that you laid out for yourself at the inception of this soul journey.

Last, we advise you to step out of and away from this false matrix at every possible turn. When you are in an environment that makes you feel uneasy, unsure, exasperated, unfulfilled, know that this is simply a message to the soul that you most likely have outgrown the company, the place, the work, the community, etc. It does not mean that you cannot and should not continue to hold love for them. However, it does mean that it is most definitely time for you to begin searching out a new company, place, work, community, etc.

For all of this, you "should" know that we believe in you. We believe in the work that you are doing. We believe in the path that you have laid our for yourself. We also believe in your inner strength. Walk boldly into your dreams and the highest visions of your self and your life.

And, so it is.

Thank you for receiving this message and we hope sincerely that it brings you to a place of higher vibration and love in the universe.


No matter where you are on the planet, I hope you are healthy, happy and whole. I also hope this message makes sense and meets you exactly where you are. Many blessings and much love for a beautiful week ahead.

Lisa xo

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