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The Weekly 6/7/2023

Good Morning and welcome to The Weekly! If you have recently registered, thank you for joining us! This space is where I offer a channelled message for the greater good. Sometimes, the messages are very general while other times, they are quite specific. Whatever comes through is what I share. I hope it resonates on some level and offers you some insight for change and growth.

Also, I have decided to open this forum a bit. If you have a specific question that you would like for me to pose on Wednesday mornings, feel free to email it to me using the following email address with A Question for The Weekly in the subject:

Where ever you are on the planet, I hope this post finds you healthy, happy and whole! Much love, L xo


Welcome, dearest ones~

We join you today with a mission. Our mission is to help you remember and awaken to Divine Truth. There are so many false leaders, false ideals and false teachings upon your planet. We are here to remind you of the "Truth". That which we consider to be the highest truths and ideals of your planetary existence.

Why would you take our word as truth? Because we offer it to you from a place of Divine Love and nothing else will resonate in your heart space if you are viewing from this space of Divine Love.

When your planet came into existence, all was working under the ordinances of divinity and the rules of quantum law. That is to say that the rule of loving all, harming none and honoring the Divine Creator were in full effect. Throughout the years of formation, change and evolution, there ordinances have slipped away and have been replaced by greed, selfishness, self-looking, and fear. When love and loving all is not at the forefront of a community, great illness can and usually occurs. The "great illness" is the lack of unity. Separation runs rampart with each individual looking out for themselves instead of the greater good of the whole. A return to this type of thinking (unity) is currently in order.

We come through this morning to offer you this reminder: ALL is meant to be operating from a place of Divine Love upon your planet. If you are operating under any other operating system, you shall fall. Love is meant to be the driving force but far too few remember this from the universal teachings of the Divine Mother-Father. Love is where all must originate and where all must ultimately be conjoined.

If this resonates with you, if you can truly be in greaet resonance with these ideals, join the push to awaken the souls upon your planet who have strayed from this wisdom. Nothing can heal but love. Nothing can truly bring forward your greatest triumphs but love. Nothing can mend the brokenness upon your planet but love.

Why love? Because love is the highest vibrational frequency available to human and spiritual beings. Love is at the very top of the vibrational scale of all outward and inner emotions. Love. We are speaking of unconditional love. This is not surface love. This is not lip-service love. This is not sex-love. This is the most genuine form of connection and emotional service available to Earthly humans. Unconditional love. This is the love which is shed upon you, rained down upon you and delivered daily to you from the Divine Mother-Father and from those humans who lift you each up in divine and loving prayer.

We invite you to sit quietly for just a moment. Allow your eyes to close. Imagine yourself, your physical body being engulfed, surrounded, and infused with a brilliant white-gold light that streams down from the heavens above you. Sit with it. Feel it wrap around the physical body and then the organs within the physical body. Imagine this golden light forming and filling the body in such a way that as you gaze upon an object, golden light streams from your own eyes filling and surrounding the object. Imagine that everything you touch is imprinted with your very own golden-white light finger print- a genetic marker that is your love. This stream of light that has the ability to heal your illnesses and refresh your heart is the light code of love that is available to you at all times. Use it daily. Use this exercise daily to lift the vibration of your physical body and the soul will follow, will remember.

Today, we remind you that you are never alone. You are surrounded by helper beings that are continually at your service designed to guide you and assist you in the raising of your frequency. Never do you have to deal with difficulties alone. You are surrounded. The golden-white light that you recently called upon is always at the ready to assist as required.

Share the blessings of this white light experiment with others close to you and not. Close your eyes and imagine them, their physical being, being surrounded and infused in this light of Divine light. This is the way to raise someone up "in prayer". Words alone do not serve. Service is action. Service is the simple act of surrounding another in light and in this light of unconditional love that streams continuously from the Divine Mother-Father. This is your gift to share. To this we say, And so it is.


Happy Wednesday, sweet friends, and I hope this post resonates with you and impacts your day in some way! Many Blessings and may the golden-white light stream surround you throughout your week~

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