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The Weekly 6/29/22

Welcome to The Weekly! I hope you are all healthy, happy and whole. What a transition time when are in! I hope you are finding your inner peace even in the midst of the outer chaos, governmental changes and evolutions! We are again channeling The Collective of Joshua today and I hope this message brings you peace and introspection.

Welcome to our message today! We bring tidings of upcoming peace and stability but first this reminder that it is mandatory that all involved are called to the chaos. To witness. To move into. To protect and to provide for those who have less. By less, we mean less knowledge, less wisdom, less courage, less means, less abilities, less belief and less faith in the master plan. For there truly is a master plan, you know?

What master plan, you ask? We invite you to imagine a world that is filled with love and compassion. Understanding and truth. This New Earth represents all that is holy and all that is meant to bring the inhabitants to a peaceful state. For you see, peace is innately within you and too many upon your planet are being asked to go outside of themselves on this search, this quest for peace. IT IS WITHIN YOU!

Not a human upon your planet is without inner peace. It is simply the cultivating of this inner peace that is the issue. It is the bringing forth that is the stumbling block. If you are stumbling as you are seeking inner peace, we invite you to get outside in nature. Pray. Meditate. Walk upon the beach at dawn or sunset. Sit in silence and pet an animal. Play with a child mindfully. Watch the sun rise or the sun set. Listen to the birds communicating from the tree branches. Listen to the crickets. Whichever of these ideas calls to you, we invite you to step into it fully. Find your own inner peace and never, ever expect anyone to hand it to you or be responsible for it.

YOU are being called to cultivate your very own practices of finding inner peace. Joy. Compassion. Peaceful living awaits you and you are in control of this. No one can steal it from you. Only you can allow it to be taken. Seek it and you shall find it. Manage it and learn to maintain it and you will never be without it.

And, so it is for you today and always.



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