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The Weekly 6/28/2023

Welcome to The Weekly! This is my space to share a short, channelled message each Wednesday. I hope something you read resonates with you and changes you in some way for the better.

Remember, the Universe is working for us every, single day. All we have to do is surrender and watch the guidance flow in...


Welcome! We come to you today from our own place of knowing so that you can discover your own place of knowing. Intuition. Knowing. All human beings are pre-programmed with unique skillsets that allow them to better navigate the Earthly world. Why, then, do some struggle so?

Have you ever pondered why so many humans seem to have life so easy? They float along without cares or concerns. They instinctively make choices that allow them to further themselves down their path and they seem to just "know" what they are doing.... They are surrendered beings. When in this flow state, all appears simple because, in fact, it is. Decisions come rapidly. Choices are simple. Their gut knowing kicks in at the most opportune moments and rarely do they stumble over a simple left/right or yes/no choice. Abundance flows without their even asking. Opportunities present in front of them without seeking. Relationships blossom. Connections are made easily. All of these situations result from a human being "in flow".

So, you may now be asking how to achieve this "in flow" state. We simply guide you to make the next right choice. Do not spend time pondering the outcomes. Simply place your dominant hand upon your heart and ask "yes or no" or "left or right". Listen intuitively within your bounds of your soul for your answer and then, act accordingly. You do know and understand that your soul has a plan and is directly connected to the Source Energy of the All, correct? Given this state, if you are listening to the truest parts of yourselves, then, all will be well.

Have you ever sat with a decision for long periods of time afraid to make a choice? This is simply because you are trying to make your decisions from a place within the mind. The mind is directly connected to the ego. These two parts of you alone can make choices but the results are often skewed in favor of the mental, thinking mind and ego. When decisions are made based upon intuition, knowing and gut instinct, the results are usually much more favorable. Why? Again, we say onto you that your soul, intuition and gut knowing are directly linked to Source Energy and this energy will not lead you astray. Do you have ears to hear this and believe?

Over the next week, we invite you to make some decisions based upon your intuition, leaving the "thinking mind" out. Answers come easily and will generally feel much more secure this way. You will be able to second guess yourself much, much less as you feel into decision making with Creator Spirit instead of your own mind.

We hope this message finds you well and healthy. Please be reminded that healing comes from within. Within the truest connections to Divinity. The moment you allow yourself to connect to the All is the exact moment when your life will begin to transform. And, so it is.


Dear Readers,

As always, I will encourage you to take what resonates with you and simply leave the rest. Your soul knows exactly what you need and do not need. Life goes so much easier when one can simply remain in the flow state of allowing. Hope your Wednesday is amazing!

Sending you so much love and many blessings for a beautiful week ahead,

Lisa xo

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