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The Weekly 6/22/22

Welcome to The Weekly and welcome to summer! What a beautiful Summer Solstice yesterday! Did you feel the energy shift yesterday as we were moving into a new season? We are all aligning with our highest self and it feels amazing to enter a new season with a new mindset.

Today's message is coming from a collective calling themselves The Joshua and I believe we will be hearing from them for the next several sessions.

The Collective of The Joshua:


Greetings! We are The Collective of The Joshua and we come forth to share several messages of good will to all of you who inhabit your planet~

First, allow us to say thank you for being welcomed into this space. We are excited to be here and bear witness to all that is occurring. Second, our teachings are those coming from Divine Wisdom and designed specifically to enhance your journey in the physical reality. Last, we invite and encourage you to honor all that resonates from this message and disregard what appears to not be "for you". All humans are on different planes on and within the spiritual journey and it is impossible to share a message that resonates entirely with each of you as these levels are a part of the evolutionary process and needed upon your planet.

We come in peace as most benevolent beings do. We come to share our knowledge of Divine Wisdom so that we, as may most of you, feel as if we are doing our part to help, enhance and brighten the minds and lives of all those upon planet Earth who are in the 3D as well as the 5 and 6D. We are here to educate and to share. Our knowledge thusly becomes your knowledge and we hope you can see the relevancy within your own life and life perceptions.

Calling upon your "maker" or the Godhead or Divine Spirit is your only hope. This divinity comes from within and not outside of you. We come to remind you that YOU ARE this divinity within. When one on your planet begins the process of seeking the Divine, they often begin with looking outside of themselves. They search for things that feel good but that do not always serve the highest self and the highest good. Today, we invite you to simply look for what resonates with your soul no matter where you are on the spiritual journey of evolution and seek that thing that makes you and your spirit feel good and alive and on track. There is absolutely no rush. There is no hurry as all of the necessary and needed information will find you at exactly the right moment in time. Slow down and become more present in each now moment.

We come as bringers of the light. The knowledge within all of us is also within all of you and we are here to encourage you to discover it. To honor it. To allow it (this knowledge) to inspire and transform you. Each of you have been gifted certain talents and modalities. It is your RESPONSIBILITY to discover and fully utilize these talents and skills. If you are choosing to hide your current light under a bushel basket, this act will not serve you well now or in the near future. We encourage you to shine and shine brightly for all of evolution depends on each individual light shining brightly and to it's fullest capacity.

May we also remind you that each individual test or struggle or trial is specifically designed to enhance your knowing. Nothing is for naught and by that we mean there is intentionality in all parts of your life and life-lessons. We invite you to look deeply into each thing that brings you sadness or grief and seek the learning. In this way, you allow the difficulty to release much quicker and the lessons to acclimate within you much faster. There is no lesson being brought before you that didn't come from your original plan or your Akashic Records. All is there awaiting your deep looking.

That is enough for this beautiful morning but we encourage you to look deeply at your trials this week so that you can grow and evolve and continue on the path of seeking your true and highest completions of this lifetime's lessons. Find, seek and discover peace in all moments, people and things.

And, so it is in this way that we depart. Until next week~


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