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The Weekly 6/21/2023

Hello and welcome to The Weekly! It is always a pleasure to settle in and see what comes through each week for this space. No matter where you are joining us from, you are welcome here and I hope you find something that resonates with you...

Today's message is coming forward for anyone who is currently questioning their purpose~

Welcome and greetings. YOU may well be feeling as if you need a bit of a reminder, a re-remembering as to why you chose to incarnate upon your planet during this time and space.

Let us remind you that you came here onto your planet with a mission. Obviously, each mission is sacred and divine but unique to each individual. However, if you are reading this, you are on the planet to shed light, share light and be light for all whom you come into contact. There is no room for the darkness. There is actually no space available to dark. There is only room for the breath of light. Of lightness. You happen to be that light. Light meaning goodness, kindness, compassion and generosity. Light meaning using the words and thoughts to raise up the emotional set point of other humans. Light meaning the highest of vibrations available upon your planet.

You understand that as angelic beings, we have chosen to put faith in you and many others like you. We believe that you are fully prepared for your mission upon planet Earth. Although, at times, we understand that it feels a bit daunting, we also understand that those who signed up for these positions of sharing light are fully prepared to complete their mission.

Now, with all of that said, what are you here to do? What are you trying to accomplish before your time on the planet is complete? Do you know? Are you remembering yet? Your mission is in front of you. Your vibrational frequency is accepting and surrendering to the idea of your mission. It is up to you to remember the why. The purpose. The way in which you are here to be light. We know you will succeed because there is no space for the darkness any longer.

Today, we shout your blessings from the mountain tops. We celebrate your successes and cheer you on through your un-successful moments. Short lived they shall be. Step forward bravely remembering that you are here for all of the good things. The light filled ideas. The brilliant remembering. Ah, the remembering. Allow those memories to flow in and change you. Uplift you. Help you evolve.

We leave you with blessings as you settle in to remember your purpose and your light. For both are amazing. And, so it is.

**I share this message of remembering and light on this special day of the Summer Solstice. It is a beautiful time to set some intentions for your self and your life. Maybe it is time to really remember what we are here to accomplish? Why we are in this here and now moment?

Much love~ L.


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