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The Weekly 6/1/2023

Welcome Back to The Weekly! Just as with all things in my life, there is a time and place. This past month has been devoted to a daily meditation practice for National Meditation Month (May). Now, it feels like it is time to return here to this space of channeling and welcoming in the messages that need to be delivered in this time/space reality.

Wherever you are receiving this message today, I hope you are healthy, happy and whole! Thank you for being here.

June 1, 2023

Today's message is coming from the Pleiadians~

Joy. Joy in the early morning. In the evening. Throughout your day. In this short transmission, we are inviting you to joy. The experience of it solely to raise the vibrational level of your thinking. Your thoughts. Your vibrations. Your life force energy. Nothing good can come from entertaining a low vibrational frequency. Find it within yourself, your body, to reach for the next highest vibrational thought. Know that the helpers who are surrounding your field are anxious to intercede when beckoned but, they must be called upon as you need them.

We invite you now to reach out. Today. Seek joy in all that you do. If you discover that your work does not bring your joy, seek new work. If you find that your relationships are not of joy, seek change or growth. This is not a message to disregard all things that fail to bring joy. But, seek change that has a greater frequency of joy. Move in the direction of joy throughout your day. Know that the experience of joy is one of high vibration. Joy.

Humans have been conditioned, programmed if you will, to live lives lacking joy. Conditioned to complete the daily routines with the belief that the routine serves them. Maybe it brings them financial return. Maybe it offers comfort. But, as with all things, without joy there is little left in which to rejoice. Seek joy. This is your call today to look deeply into the daily habits, routines, rituals and ask: Does this part of my life bring me joy? If yes, congratulations! You are on your way to even more joy. if no, ask yourself how can you create change so that you are constantly and consistently moving into the vibration of joy. (Or, at least, in the direction of joy.)

This message is one that we invite you to register deeply in the soul. Humans are here in this "Earth school" to learn to live in heartfelt and soulful joy. if your life is not registering this frequency, this is the time to investigate and make changes. Small and subtle changes can often create a ripple effect of huge changes in the long term.

With this message, we are offering you many visions of light and love.

Thank you for reading.

A huge thank you for taking the time to read this transmission to the end. Life is full of ups and downs but all we can do is continue while putting our best self forward. I love the idea of consistently seeking things in our lives that truly do offer us joy so, get to it! Seek JOY!

Much love,

L xo

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