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The Weekly 5/25/2022

Welcome the The Weekly! I love sharing these messages with you and it's exciting because I never know exactly what (or who) is going to present each week. Regardless, I hope the message resonates and offers you something that will promote change, expansion and learning!! Welcome~

Today, our message is coming from the Galactic Federation of Light. If this is a new name and you have never studied or looked into this group of beings, now would probably be a good time! With that said, enjoy today's message~

We come to you today as if on a mission. We are on a Divine Mission and that is part of our reason for joining you in this way. It should come as no surprise that we are also beings of light. Our dear channel, Lisa, is also a being of light and is doing her work to bring other beings upon this planet into light as well. If you are not new here, none of this should come as a surprise.

Our responsibilities lie far from Earth as well as directly upon the Earth. We are here to awaken as well as to share. Share what? New ideas. New formulas. New directions. New callings. YOU are being called. Today. Make no mistake. YOU are being asked, nudged to awaken to new possibilities. We are your new possibility. If you have never thought about beings from other galaxies, now would be a good time to begin. If you have lived with the thought that you are here to live and then die, think again.

Your soul is on a never-ending journey. One that will take you far and wide and to many corners of the galaxies. We are here to remind you that we are over-seeing all that is currently going on upon your planet. There are many free-will choices being made by man and we are here to watch, learn, listen and intercept when high alert danger becomes impending. For we see the past, present and future of your planet. We know what needs to occur now and what will happen in the near future. We are also completely at one with the knowledge that human "man" has complete free will and can make choices that may be detrimental to your society. Therefore, we watch, learn, observe and intercept when severe danger is impending.

Do you know us? Of course, you do. We visit many of you in your dream states. We appear to you in your everyday life as we can shapeshifter into recognizable forms for those living upon your planet. It is in this way that we can teach and share information with your general population without creating a major state of upheaval. However, more and more of us are becoming frustrated and have begun showing ourselves in our truest states. We are actually finding many humans and even your governmental system to be fairly receptive to our message. We shall also add that those of the dark side are not appreciative of our knowings. They are working overtime currently to completely deface us and remove our outreaches from public knowledge.

Please know that this is all okay as we have prepared for the inevitable responses from those in power upon your planet. Know that huge change is coming. A swift change of power may be imminent and we are prepared. Our question to you reading this today is this...Are you prepared? Are you prepared to go back to the original way of homesteading? At least for a while? Are you prepared to feed yourself and your family? Are you interested in taking new action for and with an entirely new governmental system? We realize that these questions may make you slightly uncomfortable but know this...humans have free will and the changes of which we speak are entirely moldable. Shapeable. Fluid. We only ask that you prepare for a potentially different way of living. We also ask you not to panic but to move with mindfulness while making this transition. If you don't yet know mindfulness, study it. Learn of it.

Lastly, we bring to your attention the idea that you are not, never have been and will not be in the future, ALONE! There are many of us from the Federation who have already infiltrated the general population of Earth to offer assistance in the shifting process that is currently occurring upon the planet. We are already with you. We are here to support you and to aid in the general awakening. Do not fear for your future. Do the following INSTEAD:

  • Learn to become mindful of how you spend your days, your life and your thoughts.

  • Welcome in gardening, fresh foods and creative living while walking further away from "manmade food-like substances". There are many reasons for these suggestions. Some of which you can imagine while others you cannot.

  • Become sufficient for 6 months to a year during which time you can feed yourself, heat your space, protect yourself and live mindfully. This may require some life changes. A move to more land. Learning new techniques. Creating a stock of necessities including food.

  • Learn to keep love at the front of all that you choose to do. Love over anger. Love over fear. Love over destruction. Love over life.

That is all for now but we will return often to share updates. Love all. Fear none. And, so it is. Thank you for your attention.


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