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The Weekly 4/6/22

Welcome to The Weekly! Each week, I take some of the channelled messages that have come through in the past several days and share them here. I hope they resonate with you and impact you for the better, for your growth and for the evolution of your soul.

This came through on April 5, 2022 from The Ancients:

We come forward to remind you that you do not live in a bubble- separate from all of humanity. All is connected. When you place your feet upon the ground, all of the peoples of the Earth feel the vibrations. When you weep, the emotion can well up inside of all of humanity. However, not all choose to feel your feet touch Mother Earth or hear your weeping. Only those who have and are consciously choosing to awaken can feel all that surrounds them.

How then does one awaken to the blessed unity? By simply allowing all that is truth to vibrate out from deep within you. How then do we come back to this unity? It is solely by love, dear ones. Love alone holds the key to this mystery. Which, we remind you, is not truly a mystery. Love is the underlying emotional vibrational which propels all things into the time/space continuum. By opening yourself up to this unconditional love, you are thereby invoking the name of the Divine to enter your life and aid you in the creation of perpetuating unconditional love within all those with whom you come into contact.

We, The Ancients, are not lost. We are not foreign to all that occurs on your planet. We are with you. We surround you perpetually. We guide and nudge and oversee and witness and still, we believe. We trust that your humanity will one day re-awaken to the truth of All That Is. The One Trueness. Truth.

Today, we remind you that there are and will continue to be many false prophets. Those who speak of travesty and loss and undermining of the truth of the Godhead. To this we shall say, forgo the belief, in fact, all beliefs, in these false ideals and come back to LOVE. This one word is the answer to all problems. All struggles. All trials. All manipulations. All egos. All eccentricities. The answer is to love all. Christ taught to love your neighbor as yourself. This is all there is. Entire religions have been built around this single message. Unfortunately, they have then twisted and added and subtracted and rearranged the true message. For there is only one single message. One "religion". This is to love all. All beings. All thoughts. All emotions. All hardships. All struggles. All men/women who disagree with you and your philosophies. All joy. YOU ARE ON YOUR PLANET TO WAKE YOUR HUMANITY UP TO THE GRAND EVOLUTION AND AWAKENING IN LOVE.

All of that said, we desperately invite you to come together in community, in love. In this way only, you will bear witness to all that is occurring around you. You will be able to see with clarity. There will be no grey matter- only clear light. It is through the lens of this clear light that you will be enabled to witness this grand awakening. Feel no fear as you move solely into love. Know that this is the way of truth, the way in which the Christed One who came to teach love on your planet walked daily. No fear. Only love.

We are The Ancients. You may connect with us when your feet touch the soil. When your body dives into the water. When you stare up at the night sky. When you watch the clouds. When you close your eyes and embody the emotion of love. When you hug your beloved. When you know fully that the Divine is within you and not outside of you.

And, so it is.


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