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The Weekly 4/27/22

Welcome to The Weekly! As I sit to receive this message, I feel as if the current energy on the planet is swirling. We are in the midst of great change and a phenomenal shift that can no longer be mediated. It can only be witnessed, endured and then accepted. I, myself, am doing my best with the allowing and accepting part and maybe you are as well?

I am being guided to remind anyone listening or reading that you are only in control of "your stuff". Your emotions. Your reactions. Your guidance. get the idea. Release control at every turn. And, might I suggest the following short prayer when you awaken each morning?

Speak directly to your guides, your angels, your god. Whomever you wish with the knowing that it will fall on absolutely the right ears~

"What will you have me do today?

Where will you have me go today?

What will you have me say today,

And to whom?"

(Thank Marianne Williamson for this)

Let this be your offering each morning and then sit quietly for a few moments and simply wait. For the insight. For the feeling. For the knowing. For the vision. For whatever happens to come your way. But, the important thing is to be open and to be surrendered to each and every day as the energy is still swirling and this short prayer or call for guidance will keep you in alignment with your truest path.

The message I am receiving to share with you is coming from a series of guardian angels. Without direct recognition, it comes to my awareness that they belong to each of you as you choose to read. This means that it is a very fluid message that will meet the specific needs of each person as they come to read it...

Know fully and believe without the slightest of hesitation, that you are being guided into direct alignment with your highest and best reality. Know that a not a single moment occurs that is not watched over and somewhat directed by us. The guardians of those who show up in this space.

We have not control but oversight. We do not interfere unless we are called upon for our guidance, thoughts, wisdom and/or clarity. Know that when you do reach out for our assistance, we are under obligation by the universal laws to be there for your specific assistance. This should surprise some of you who are perpetually acting as if you are truly in control of your life. We laugh but say to you that there is most definitely a highest path for your existence. You have the option to accept this knowing or fight against this knowing. We hope you can find it in yourself and your heart to surrender slightly and feel into the knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be upon this path. Feel into the ease of what it would be like if you were to ask for help and then step back and allow the assistance to occur. For this is actually how it happens. This is manifestation at it's finest however, many of you doubt. Many of you forget to ask and then surrender. Ask for your highest good. Then, wait and watch. Ask for help and then follow the Divine nudges that do surely show up as you are watching for them. There is no task too large for which to inquire about assistance.

This is our message for you today. Invite in the help that you feel you need without parameters. In other words, no specifics. Ask for help with a situation and then ask for it to be resolved in a way that is the best for your most, highest good. We hope this message finds you well and we know that it will land on exactly the ears that need to hear it.

And, so it is.

Your Guardian Angels


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