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The Weekly 4/20/22

Welcome to The Weekly- my blog where I post some of the channeled messages that I receive through the week. As always, take what you need and leave the rest. Use what resonates and allow what doesn't to remain. I hope you are having a wonderful start to spring and I hope you blessings abound! Much love xo

This message is coming to us from Saint Anthony the Abbot~ April 20, 2022

Blessings, dear ones, and may the Lord bless and keep you. You are but dust. Dust. You will live and die and return to dust. There is nothing that will disrupt this process and it is my position at this time to remind you that your life upon planet Earth is temporary. Quite temporary, in fact, when compared to the journey of the soul into all eternity. Why have I come through today? To offer you some wisdom that we (a group of entities) believe shall truly upend your thinking and reposition you upon your path. As it is, so it shall be...

We, the angels, archangels, saints and visionaries come today to bear witness to all of you reading that your planet is on an evolutionary orbit. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to alter the transition currently occurring. Many are becoming awakened to their absolute power, to their evolution as well as to the evolution of those around them. It is a difficult positioning which many are discovering themselves as they come into understanding that they themselves are awakened but others, even those that they love and care for, are not. We are here to tell you that all is not lost.

These fellow humans who are finding themselves still asleep as others become wise to the trajectory of the planet are struggling. They want the wisdom. They desire to comprehend. Some will bring their lives to a crushing halt while others will eventually, through their work and dedication, evolve into this new way of being-ness. Both of these positions are remarkable in that many years ago, this day and age of great awakening was just a mere thought. It is happening. All around this planet, human beings are walking away from long work days and coming back to the original way of existing. Love seekers. Present moment dwellers. Existence in the now with joy and compassion. Many are exiting the matrix. They are leaving behind their old programming and coming back to their original programming. You will see this more and more as people come back to the original way of life. Farming. Foraging. Holistic healing. Prayer. Meditation. Homeschooling. Gardening. Moon healing. Herbs. Plants. Soil. Solar systems. Planetary watchfulness. The list continues on in length but shall we remind you that as entities from outside of your planetary system, we understand what must occur for the growth, expansion, desecration and evolvement of your planet and earthly beings. We see ahead of your time as in our system time is not linear and your evolvement has already occurred. We see the good and the expansion. Know that it is good.

Meanwhile, we are here to remind you that you are not lost. You are simply a way-shower. One entity who has incarnated upon the planet to guide others to the fullest expansion. Way-shower. This term, although new for you, has existed for all of humanity. Christ himself was a way-shower. He came upon your planet to teach. To teach, live with and exist in love. Nothing else. Are you a way-shower? That is your question, no? Of course you are or you wouldn't be present in this forum. You would not be taking on the challenges of guiding others to their highest forms of potentiality. And, you are here. You are finding your light to shine and your voice to speak. It is within these two forums that you will discover your way to shine. Those who are reading this...this message is for you. YOU are a way-shower. Use your voice and shine your light. Always for the greater good. And, in the event that you are unsure of "the greater good", all you are required to do is ask for what is next on the path. The path will be cleared for you. Without delay. Do not, however, question the path too deeply when you are in a state of fear. Question in the way of examining when you feel confident. Trust yourself and you shall know all that is required is within you.

And, so it and so it shall be.

I hope this message resonates with those who choose to read it.

Sending you many blessings and much love,



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