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The Weekly 4/14/2023

Welcome to The Weekly!! If you are new here, thank you for joining us here in this space. Each Wednesday, I get still and allow whatever messages need to come through, the time and space to be heard and witnessed. This week is no different except that my channelling location is a bit different. More on that later ;)

(Please also note that I am channeling this message on Friday, April 14th instead of the usual Wednesday morning) Not that this makes a huge difference except that due to some traveling, my usual schedule is slightly disrupted. Whatever comes through, I hope it resonates and changes you in some way. I hope it creates space for further evolution and I hope it brings you peace...


The Ancients~

We come as we are summoned. We come with clear directives from those in power above us. You may believe that once on the other side, each spirit rules over itself but this is simply not the case. There is always a hierarchy, a systemic organization to all things. We do as we are called, guided, "nudged" to use your terminology and it is always in the realm of our highest good. The nudges we mean. When we choose to go "rogue" and make choices that are not part of our design, things become much more difficult to manage. This is exactly what is currently happening upon your planet.

Human beings have been guided for years. Thousands of them to be more precise and when they have followed divine guidance, they have thrived. When they choose other paths, they wither, they wilt. They do not prosper as they have been designed to do. Your planet is in a transitory period as you are typing this. There are individuals who are making choices that can bring enlightenment upon the planet or further an agenda of evil. We encourage you to live daily right now with your eyes wide open. Do not believe that any hierarchy upon your planet has your best interest at heart. Do this for yourself. Gather like minded individuals and form groups who will be called upon for support. For action. For community. As well as for a compassion and calming center which you can all come to rely upon.

Nothing that we have to share with you is entirely new information however, it comes to you from a place of urgency. The matter is urgent because decisions are being made that are impacting your planet regularly and not in good ways. Again, we remind you that all upon your planet have free will as do we here in the ethers of the time-space reality but when we (or any body) goes against divinity with a free will choice that fails to support the populace, negative reactions are bound to occur. It is always a cause and effect. Never is an action without an equal and sometimes opposite reaction. Know this to be true.

As you embrace the knowledge that all are being called by Divine Force, know that you, too, are called. Each of you who reads this transmission are being called. Each time you witness a reading in this frequency, know that it has been divinely prepared for you and your learning. For you and your household. There is nothing that can stop what will be except for those who are of strong direction and absolute conviction. Those who truly believe that the words they have to offer are life changing. Those who know that all is within a frequency that is obtainable to those on your planet.This is not a made up point of view from us here in our dimension. This is simply quantum physics. This is reality in a realm that is much more evolved that the realm in which many of you currently operate.

Thusly, we encourage you to get quiet. Be still. Ground yourself with healing foods and movement. Get one with your body, your emotions and your mind. Then- ask! Ask what? Ask how you are called to serve humanity in this grand awakening. Ask what skills you bring to this time and how are you to use them. Ask how you are capable of creating change upon your planet even if it is simply one baby step after another. Ask. Don't tell. But, ask. With an open heart. A willing mind. A concrete believe that through this action, you are capable of creating great change. All things are possible for humans who band together in their knowing that they are greater than their fears.

And, so it is.

** Just a side note- The Ancients reminded me that this message has been transmitted over and over for 2,000 years. The situations change. The circumstances change. The problems with humanity have not- until recently. This is why there is so much hope in the other realms. Divine change is on the horizon and you are being called to be a part of it. Happy Friday, Lisa xo


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