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The Weekly 3/8/2023

Welcome to The Weekly! Each Wednesday (or Tuesday evening), I come to my office and sit quietly. I usually light a candle and open my computer and then, I wait. Why? Because as I prepare to create this post each week, I am waiting. Waiting for the message to become clear. Waiting to understand fully the source of each message. So, I am waiting and as I am doing so, the moon is an incredible complete round, white circle. And, the light coming into my house tonight is amazing. Happy Full Moon!


This message will be for tomorrow 3/8/2023 and is coming to us from Divine Wisdom~

Welcome. We have eagerly been awaiting our time to share this message and we hope that you will be able to take from it some wisdom that will enhance your day or your week. We would like for each of you reading this to ponder lightly the advantages of being in human form. (Versus light body form)

This may seem an odd proposal but we, being in light body form, are always fascinated by the idea of a physical structure and body. We contemplate the idea of forging a lifetime upon your planet. Some of us have while others of us have not. Living in a light body in many ways appears quite simple to what you go through upon your planet. However, there are some interesting advantages to being in the 3D form. What do you feel are the advantages of a physical body??

One thing that we often will contemplate as we watch and observe those upon your planet is the wide range of emotions that are experienced in the course of one, single, earth day. When we look at this, we discover ourselves in awe as we tend to operate from the foundation of love, genuine love and this leaves room for few other emotions. For we have discovered that when we operate from this place of divine love, our existence is easier. It is less tumultuous and we find that most pleasant.

We believe that having and experiencing this wide variety of emotions is great for processing as you must learn to overcome or regulate the range of emotional set points which the human body experiences through a day. On your side, we can also see how difficult this can be at times as well.

Next, we would like to remind you how wonderful it is to be able to experience food and eating food. In light body form, this is not necessary. It is not to say that we do not consume food. Although, the process is slightly different, we eat. We feast. We consume. Again, the process is different. Nourishment for us versus nourishment for you...We watch and so wish we could advise that the Mother Earth has provided all that is required for the human body to thrive and then, humans decided to "play god" and create their own food. This, as you may have guessed, has been an absolute disaster. People are sick. Quite ill in fact, in their physical forms because of these foods created in factories and laboratories. Please consume true food created by Mother Earth if you wish to remain or become healthy. It truly is the only way. Besides, these foods are designed for the human body and are specifically for the needs AND, they are delicious!

Last, we would like to bring forward the idea of the physical challenge that you all create for yourself as you incarnate upon your planet. It is a requirement that you incarnate remembering nothing or very little of your life previously in light body form. We realize fully why this is but what we don't understand is why more humans do not dedicate time and energy to the remembering. It is this remembering that helps each of you wake to the knowingness with which you were created. Begin breathing. Breath work. Physical movement that brings your mind into union with the physical body can also help~ yoga, walking, running, movement in other forms! Eat carefully. We have already discussed this point. Sleep. For it is through and during sleep, that the body can go into a relaxed state and work through the memories of all that which has been forgotten or left behind. These are purely physical challenges because as soon as you return to the light body, all of these things remedy themselves. Do your best to remember.

As we see it, there are many advantages to living within a physical body in the 3D realm. However, from your vantage point, it may appear quite difficult! Just remember that it serves you to remind yourself that living within a physical body is quite temporary. Maybe you can think of it as a learning experience or a short-term experiment. This is Earth school and you are simply in it to learn. Learn well. Eat well. Sleep well. These are your purposes, dear ones. And, so it is.


As I read and reread this in order to post it, it occurs to me that this is a difficult task for us here on planet Earth. Name the advantages of being in physical form? We understand that we choose to have our memories erased as we enter the planet and therefore, we are unable to remember what life was or is in light body form. So, then, how do we compare the two? It certainly is a most unique prospect to consider...Maybe we are being offered this challenge in order to help us remember what it was like in light body form! Either way, remembering or not, I hope today's message resonates with you or creates some change in your life this week. Much love, L. xo

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